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College Football Pick 10 Contest (Week #1)

Randy Parker

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This weekly contest is very similar to the Pick 10 contest for high school football.


There will be ten games to pick from. Each week we (Bluegrasspreps.com) will choose a Super Game worth 5 points.


From the remaining nine games you must pick two bonus games which are worth 3 points each.


Finally, you need to pick the winner of the remaining seven games, which will be worth 1 point each.


There will be TWO tiebreakers, the first being the total number of points scored in the Super Game & the second being time.


A quality prize goes to the winner. To check out the available prizes click here: Contest Prizes - Sponsored by the SPORTS Shop


The deadline for all entries is 10:30 am EST, Saturday, September 5th. NO EXCEPTIONS. September 5th also happens to be the birthday of one of America's finest citizens of all-time.


Here are the games for this week:


Arizona State at Texas A&M is the 5-point Super Game


Stanford at Northwestern

Louisville at Auburn

Texas at Notre Dame

Wisconsin at Alabama

BYU at Nebraska

Old Dominion at Eastern Michigan

Penn State at Temple

Albany at Buffalo

Georgetown (KY) at Cumberland (TN)
















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