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  1. I went once a few years back. There isn't a ton to do there unless you like crafts and petting zoos. The food is pretty outstanding though.
  2. Standing with light on. My wife tells me that I should sit unless I'm going to clean the bathroom...
  3. It is, in fact you did when in your original response to his post which you quickly deleted, you called him ignorant at least five times.
  4. The trend is heading that direction but I believe that good teams will always be able to run the football if and when they need to. The Bengals yesterday could not run the ball.
  5. They aren't too bad, but I think they would look much cooler with a white helmet. Would love to see Mr. Brown spring for some white helmets and then maybe auction them off for charity.
  6. These threads always interest me. It is great to know what those "close to the program" think they know. Someone may want to inform Coach T and Hall that Coach T is no longer the primary O-line coach and Wayne is the man now. :lol2:
  7. Wasn't it just last season that HHS coaches were being criticized for not playing guys both ways? Now this season the platoon system is back to being great again. I get confused with how fast things change.
  8. My Dad's best friend impregnated one of his high school teachers when he was a senior. Newport class of 1964. This has always happened and probably will continue to happen.
  9. Almost at 80% this morning. http://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/2016-election-forecast/
  10. Wallet, I never carry cash and credit/debit cards can be cancelled quickly. Any fraudulent charges are refunded. My phone cost way more than the contents of my wallet and I don't have insurance on it.
  11. 5-7 is the best case scenario but a 4-8 or 3-9 isn't out of the question. I don't see any chance of them making a bowl.
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