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Henry Clay at Holmes Predictions 12/2


Who wins?  

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  1. 1. Who wins?

    • Henry Clay
    • Holmes

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Didn't realize these two opened with each other. I'll take Holmes by 6, but I'm with you in wishing that Tisdale was healthy.


Tisdale v Bolden would've been a lot of fun to watch...especially for someone who does hoop mixtapes :lol2:

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Even though the older Tinsdale is out, the younger Tinsdale will open a lot eyes tonight with his play. Henry Clay is still a good team without the older Tinsdale. I know for a fact that Daniel Brown will have his kids ready to compete tonight.

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The Holmes schedule has it at 6 and 7.30, I have not been told any different.


Those are definitely the published times, but a Holmes player gave me the 5:30/7:00 schedule. The way I see it, if we arrive at 5:30 and the game starts at 6:00 it's not a problem. If we arrive at 6:00 and the game's at 5:30, well....

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Nice opening game match up.


Henry Clay does have some nice potential. Losing Jeremiah Tisdale to injury will greatly hurt. His brother Isiah Tisdale is becoming a very nice player although he has been dealing with a nagging injury, of late. I hope he is healthy tonight because playing against Covington Holmes will be a nice challenge for him.


I hope the Blue Devils can get out of the gate quickly. They will need to versus Holmes.

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