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  1. Great game last night at EKU. Both teams deserve to go to Rupp but unfortunately, one team has to lose. Bryan Station proved a lot of people wrong this season and was a pleasure to watch. Im just curious about a few things. Why didn't Bryan Station press throughout the entire game? Lexington Catholic had 11 turnovers late in the second half and with Bryan Station having enough bodies, I would expect them to pressure you the entire game. Another thing I'm curious about was the clock issue. How was the clock set at 8.5 seconds and then moved to 5 seconds without the ball being in play?
  2. Bryan Station All-Time Jack Givens Melvin Turpin Mike Allen Jaron Brown Ted Hunley/Shelvin Mack
  3. The Lexington Herald Leader in which it ranks the top 5 teams in the 11th Region: Bryan Station, Lexington Catholic, Henry Clay, LCA, Scott County
  4. How is Lexington Catholic ranked way ahead of Bryan Station, when Bryan Station is the #1 Team in the 11th Region & 42nd District?
  5. I understand about the entire too cold no school policy, but why cancel games/practices? that doesnt sit to well with me as a head coach especially if I have a big game the following day. I
  6. Lafayette played like they wanted to win more than the kids at Bryan Station did. Bryan Station had a shot at the end to win it but they wasted to much time trying to figure something out and had to throw up a prayer. Credit to Lafayette. Bryan Station is now 5-4 in there last 9 games Next 4 games for Station doesn't seem to get any easier: Lincoln County (Friday Home), North Oldham (Saturday @ Frankfort) Henry Clay (Tuesday away), Scott County (Next Friday Home).
  7. Hold up!! Let me make sure I'm reading this correct. A kid left Harrison County basketball program to play at Scott County. He played a few games with Scott and was later ruled ineligible. Then he moved back to Harrison County and he is back on the team and eligible to play?
  8. Henry Clay @ Tates Creek Dunbar @ Bryan Station Madison Central @ Lafayette CAL @ Lexington Christian I will be attending the Henry Clay vs Tates Creek or Madison Central @ Lafayette. I wanted to attend the Bryan Station/Dunbar game but I doubt if the game will be any good tonight with Dunbar missing 7 players!
  9. PLD plays @ Bryan Station on Friday. Will PLD have these players back for the game?
  10. Great win for Henry Clay without the "older" Tinsdale. This could be a dangerous thing for the 11th region opponents, giving these young guys a confident win over a top 10 team in the state. The "younger" Tinsdale is a heck of a guard, not as athletic as his brother but can play. Who does Henry Clay play next?
  11. Walker 18pts; Claitt (spelling) 12pts 8rebs 5 ast; Dishman 14pts 6 rebs; Davis 15pts for Bryan Station. I'm not familiar with the 16th region but throughout the course of the game you could see why people have Rowan Co ranked, they have a good team. Bryan Station's speed and athleticism at all 5 positions is just unreal. They played 11 players and there wasn't much of a drop off.
  12. Even though the older Tinsdale is out, the younger Tinsdale will open a lot eyes tonight with his play. Henry Clay is still a good team without the older Tinsdale. I know for a fact that Daniel Brown will have his kids ready to compete tonight.
  13. I forgot about those games..How did the other city teams play? Coby Barnes was on a football visit and I heard Paul Price did not try out.
  14. Bryan Station played Harrison County this past friday and they looked pretty good without the football guys. Tim Dunn and DeAndre Dishman looked real good. Dishman had a big time dunk!! I believe they play in the scrimmages at Dunbar this weekend against, North Laurel. This should be a good game.
  15. From what I know, RC is enrolled at Bryan Station and I hope this kid gets eligible.
  16. Bryan Station has a scrimmage today against Harrison Co. Varsity at 5:30 JV at 6:30 FR at 7:30
  17. Bryan Station has BIG time play-makers at the wide receiver position! Henry Clay rushed 4 & dropped back 7 and Station's QB threw for 6TDs before he went out with an injury. Scott Co. rushed 7/8 and Station QB threw for 4 TDs. The only way you beat Station if you play keep away and you score on every offensive possession (which will more than likely happen)
  18. Bryan Station in good hands with trio of top-notch receivers | High School Sports | Kentucky.com
  19. Bryan Station's passing game is one of the best in the state. I think they will give Central Hardin's defense some problems BUT Bryan Station's defense is pretty bad. Here is an article from yesterday's new paper and I didn't realize how well they spread the ball around.
  20. There were only 2 players in the 11th region on this list from last year. 2 teams on this list in the 11th region from last year. With Carson and his team being on this list and him coming to the 11th region, how could he not be one of the top players in the district and region? Now he's with a team with more support than he had at EJ. That's all Im saying.
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