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  1. Hats off to Lee Co. Lady Cats proved once again TEAM PLAY beats individual play every time! Good luck in State Lee Co.
  2. Gibson is such a great player! With Kamryn Thornsberry back from ankle injury Knott was at full strength for the first time since before Christmas. Allie Ohair had huge game for Knott and Thornsberry made some huge defensive plays. Lady Pats must improve free throw shooting.
  3. Hazard also has one . Brittany Miniard is backup kicker, and she can boot it!
  4. Luke Jacobs had 6 tds in Knott Central's win over Betsy Layne 4 rushing, 1 receiving and an interception return.
  5. Some of the players listed aren't even the best players on their team.
  6. Jenkins plays Knott County Central for 53rd. District Championship.
  7. Jenkins plays Knott County Central for 53rd. District Championship.
  8. Interesting stat.... 2014 Knott Central had 17 passing yards total. Thru 10 games 2015 they have 2139.
  9. Who is covering Girls 14 th. ?

  10. Glad to help out! Carr Creek Alumni Association has great plans, for not only the gym but for the entire Carr Creek High! Hope you had a safe ride home!
  11. The buildings of Carr Creek High were recently purchased by the Carr Creek Alumni Association. Swing by the Knott County BOE and ask for Larry Thornsberry, I think I can arrange for you to visit!
  12. Steve was a very good official and a better man!
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