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  1. Great game last night at EKU. Both teams deserve to go to Rupp but unfortunately, one team has to lose. Bryan Station proved a lot of people wrong this season and was a pleasure to watch. Im just curious about a few things. Why didn't Bryan Station press throughout the entire game? Lexington Catholic had 11 turnovers late in the second half and with Bryan Station having enough bodies, I would expect them to pressure you the entire game. Another thing I'm curious about was the clock issue. How was the clock set at 8.5 seconds and then moved to 5 seconds without the ball being in play?
  2. Bryan Station All-Time Jack Givens Melvin Turpin Mike Allen Jaron Brown Ted Hunley/Shelvin Mack
  3. The Lexington Herald Leader in which it ranks the top 5 teams in the 11th Region: Bryan Station, Lexington Catholic, Henry Clay, LCA, Scott County
  4. How is Lexington Catholic ranked way ahead of Bryan Station, when Bryan Station is the #1 Team in the 11th Region & 42nd District?
  5. I understand about the entire too cold no school policy, but why cancel games/practices? that doesnt sit to well with me as a head coach especially if I have a big game the following day. I
  6. Lafayette played like they wanted to win more than the kids at Bryan Station did. Bryan Station had a shot at the end to win it but they wasted to much time trying to figure something out and had to throw up a prayer. Credit to Lafayette. Bryan Station is now 5-4 in there last 9 games Next 4 games for Station doesn't seem to get any easier: Lincoln County (Friday Home), North Oldham (Saturday @ Frankfort) Henry Clay (Tuesday away), Scott County (Next Friday Home).
  7. Hold up!! Let me make sure I'm reading this correct. A kid left Harrison County basketball program to play at Scott County. He played a few games with Scott and was later ruled ineligible. Then he moved back to Harrison County and he is back on the team and eligible to play?
  8. Henry Clay @ Tates Creek Dunbar @ Bryan Station Madison Central @ Lafayette CAL @ Lexington Christian I will be attending the Henry Clay vs Tates Creek or Madison Central @ Lafayette. I wanted to attend the Bryan Station/Dunbar game but I doubt if the game will be any good tonight with Dunbar missing 7 players!
  9. PLD plays @ Bryan Station on Friday. Will PLD have these players back for the game?
  10. Great win for Henry Clay without the "older" Tinsdale. This could be a dangerous thing for the 11th region opponents, giving these young guys a confident win over a top 10 team in the state. The "younger" Tinsdale is a heck of a guard, not as athletic as his brother but can play. Who does Henry Clay play next?
  11. Walker 18pts; Claitt (spelling) 12pts 8rebs 5 ast; Dishman 14pts 6 rebs; Davis 15pts for Bryan Station. I'm not familiar with the 16th region but throughout the course of the game you could see why people have Rowan Co ranked, they have a good team. Bryan Station's speed and athleticism at all 5 positions is just unreal. They played 11 players and there wasn't much of a drop off.
  12. Even though the older Tinsdale is out, the younger Tinsdale will open a lot eyes tonight with his play. Henry Clay is still a good team without the older Tinsdale. I know for a fact that Daniel Brown will have his kids ready to compete tonight.
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