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  1. Any details on this game? Wasn’t able to make this one. Sounds like a good one.
  2. Same as everyone else ... WOW! This time of the year, anybody can do it! Congrats to Dixie but I'm gonna miss that Conner team.
  3. Can't go against CCH. The atmosphere will be electric. Game I can't wait to see!
  4. Congrats to GC. Like watching Jon Jones' teams. Never lacks hustle!
  5. Will be a fun filled day of girls basketball. I'm ready!
  6. My pick is Anderson. They have key people that are back while others graduated many of their key players. Will be fun watching.
  7. Congrats Mr. Miles. I heard he had a great July playing for Matt's Mustangs. They did a great job of getting him in front of a bunch of college coaches and getting him on the radar. Good luck at X.
  8. I like Coach Sturgeon. A little hard nosed at times. Hopefully the girls will welcome him and adjust to the change because you need all parts to be successful.
  9. For the girls sake, they get a coach that will be there long term. Hard with uncertainty.
  10. Love watching Maddie play. Great player and makes everyone around her better.
  11. Doug does really good with these athletes. Gets them ready for sure! Congrats to Dieonte and good luck in your senior season.
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