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District Match-ups in the 9th Region:

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Highlands vs. Bellevue

Newport vs. NCC

Dayton vs. Newport/NCC winner

Highlands/Bellevue vs. Newport/NCC/Dayton winner


@ Bellevue



I expect Bellevue to give Highlands a good game in the 1st round matchup...playing on their home floor and they are playing much better as of late. Newport vs. NCC will be the best game of the tourney though.... whoever makes it out of this will be the sleeper in the region. Dayton should schedule Cov Latin as many times as they can....I'm sorry but they just cannot get that program turned around. HHS will prevail as District champs and hopefully not draw Holmes or CovCath in 1st round like last year.

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Thats it, could be the weakest district in the state.



Oh my.... so Ludlow and Dixie have a free ticket this year it looks like. I don't know what is going on at Lloyd but I went to school with their head coach and if he cleaned house to get rid of a major problem, kudos to him for having the guts to do that. Sometimes you have to just thin the herd and go with the youngsters and get the buy in at a young age. This is a very weak district.

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So if the higher ranked teams prevail the region should look like this:


W St. Henry

W Dixie

W Holmes

W Highlands


L Ryle

L Ludlow

L CovCath



I would like to see this and possibly have HHS draw Ludlow in 1st round and play winner of CovCath game in the Semis.... I think you have to face Holmes or Cov cath sooner or later and I would rather get rid of them early and then face a team you have 80% confidence in beating rather than go to the finals with a 50/50 shot.

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