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  1. Raise high our banner show us our manner colors red and black if we are losing in a battle we will fight right back, ;
  2. HC is just starting to have a consitent program because it took awhile for a middle school program to develop due to some unplanned events in the programs progress.
  3. I like the odds of HC atleast finishing third in the district. Since HC has made the playoffs the first time how many times has a team in our district outside of Beechwood and NCC beaten HC?
  4. 1. Football rivalry is alot like the basketball one in the past, with alot of covington kids playing for HC and growing up with Holmes players. 2. Holmes skill players should be key to the game 3. HC might have advantage on lines Holmes is the favorite. Holmes 28 HC 17
  5. Major colleges are offering pride at other other positions, Akron wants him as a QB.
  6. I think thats what Wildcat was speaking of. Again I don't know if anyone on the team indivdualy is as good as those two. But the overall team talent and sheer number of senior athletes is much greater than any other year before. Although Anthony Penny that RB for HC could have a special year.
  7. No i'm saying every year a supporter for Boone and Dixie tell us how well there middle schools faired in these tournaments, and how they will be a top team in the state, then 4 years later nothing happens.
  8. Its not even talent has to do with location, facilities, and pay. Taking the players themselves out of the decision, Ryle might be the most attractive job in NKY.
  9. Just my impression on watching Dixie program the last couple years. I though there were some questionable lineup decisions last year. Also defeating Holmes minus Rice was not a huge accomplishment last year. He is an alright coach. But if I'm ryle with how attractive my location and school is, I can be a little more picky.
  10. That would be wrong. Also some of you are looking into a middle school state tournament to much. I always hear how well kenton and boone public schools fair well every year in these tournaments. What most forget to take into account is some of the better grade school talent in NKY does not particpate in this event. That is why success in this tourney very rarley results in 9th region titles later in their careers. With the success of HC,CCH,St.Henry,Brossart,NCC in basketball latley. I think to figure out top teams in NKY it would be even more accurate to see who's feeder schools ar
  11. This team is much more balanced on both sides of the ball. Also Beechwood and NCC are not as good as they were in 03. With that said HC has to beat them first.
  12. Do you understand how many 4.4-4.5 guys are on college rosters? Great speed does not always mean advancement in the sports. I have a buddy who ran a 4.4 in high school but only played football his senior season. Their are fast guys on rosters, that might not be good enough football players fot continue a career.
  13. This is just me, but I think there are alot better choices out their than Chevalier. Just me, never been a big fan.
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