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  1. I've had a chance to see Bellevue, Grant Co, Dayton, Ludlow, Beechwood, Dixie, Highlands, and Villa play so far. Grant Co has been the most impressive. They play hard nosed defense and are very physical. Ludlow is alright and have a few play makers who could make Ludlow a bit of a surprised team this year. Dixie is going to have a long year. Their offense is pretty much get the ball to Shanece Miller and let her do whatever. Dayton, Bellevue, Villa, and Beechwood could be in for a long season. Bellevue has been alright but have only been playing with 3 starters so can't really get a good gauge on them. As for Highlands they'll be fine. They have probably been the hardest working team I've seen play so far.
  2. There are two different camps. The one Bellevue is attending is from the 18th to the 21st I believe.
  3. From the box score it looks like Rice and Hill both played very well. The two comined for 25 of Kentucky's points.
  4. I know it came from the paper. I was saying whoever made that comment should be ashamed of themselves for making a statement like that because of Duran's family background and Marshall's personality.
  5. Congrats to the Greenwood Lady Gators. Keep your heads up thought Ryle. Going to back to back state championships is very impressive and you overcame a lot of adversity having to play 8 games in a 2 day span.
  6. Katie Behrens from Boone played in the junior all star game. Whitney Cundiff of NCC got the MVP in the junior all star game from the East and from the West I believe a Conner girl got the award but I'm not sure. The junior game was a pretty good game. The West jumped out to like a 16 or 17 point lead in the first half, but the East came back to cut it to 5 at halftime. Second half the West was too much and ended up winning 61-50 I believe. I was very impressed with the Conley girl from SK and the Campbell co girl (not sure of her name) on the East. From the West team, Morgan McCleese of Ryle stood out most to me and was IMO the most impressive player as she scored 8 of her team's first 8 points then the girls wouldn't pass her the ball. Kind of selfish play by both teams. In the senior All star game, I know the west won by like 20 but not sure of the score or details except that Spring Sneider of Scott had the East's first 9 points and were leading 9-0 when I left. Carmen Firth was a ball hog as well. She took her teams first 5 or 6 shots before everyone started yelling at her to pass the ball.
  7. Both have played in the NBA Finals in consecutive years now so to say Lebron isn't the best to come out of his draft class isn't accurate IMO. Wade has had a much better supporting cast to play with. If you put BRon with Shaq, he'd win a title too. We won't truly be able to gauge where LBJ is until the end of the series.
  8. Wow congrats to Jones. I actually had the priveledge of playing against this kid my senior year in high school and he was just as impressive back then as he is now. Good luck at the next level.
  9. I like Ryle's chances. They are really playing great ball right now and their offense is really coming around. That and having 4 potential aces to put on the mound never hurts.
  10. No way was this racially motivated and whoever said this should feel ashamed. Marshall took in Ryan Mitchell from his sophomore year until he graduated, gave him a place to live, bought everything for him, and treated him like a son so the young man could succeed because he had no where else to go. Ryan Mitchell, former basketball player of Holmes is also African American, so whoever made that comment should really think before they speak.
  11. #44 is Justin Young. He's heading to Morehead State. As for the game, no surprise here. The East makes it back to back years of dominating this all star game.
  12. Congrats to the Raiders. Wow what a year for both them and their softball team. No matter what happens in this next game, Ryle has done NKY proud this season and given us something to cheer about.
  13. Same was said about the Pistons and they'll be watching the finals at home. With Lebron James on the team, everything gets thrown out. The Spurs might have more experience but that experience hasn't been able to defeat the Cavs this year.
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