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Anyone you know run the PIG?


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BGPer CovCathiRadio has completed every Pig. He even started early yesterday so that he could make UKs graduation for his son.


That explains why I saw him at about the 18 mile mark and he was near the front.


Congrats on the streak CCR and for your sons graduation.

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Panda you are everywhere!!


Thanks for the great pic of my son who was running his first marathon!!!


You took a much better pic of my kid, and you just "happened" to see him, than I did and I was looking for him.


Thanks again!!!

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When the guy who won passed me and my wife, I told her he is "running" faster than I can sprint. And he was going for 26 miles, absolutely amazing to see in person.


I've never witnessed a marathon but some of the guys/gals running during the summer are really moving. Their endurance and speed is quite amazing.

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My brother in law and a few friends did the half. I have one friend that probably did the full if she was recovered from the Boston marathon but haven't talked to her yet to find out. I just can't run, between my numerous knee surgeries and over all poor endurance I just don't understand how people can run that far, it's simply amazing.

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