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Lyons Out At Xavier


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Xavier has now lost 48 points per game production from graduating seniors and loss of Lyons. Bad chemistry or not, that's a lot of points to replace, especially when you're going to be asking freshman to fill the void. Top returning scorer is Dez Wells at 9 points per game.

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After the Crosstown fiasco this year, the people I know close to Xavier's program insisted Holloway was a "good kid." Even after pressing them on it, they kept saying it all year. Maybe...


On Lyons, the story was quite different. A lot of shoulder shrugs, and "I don't know." With just a little prodding, words like "thug" began being thrown around fairly regularly.


Take it for what it's worth. My guess is Chris Mack is walking around today like the weight of the world has been lifted off his shoulders regardless of how many points he just lost from last year's team.

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I assume this is why the story is so hush hush on the XU side - they don't want to say anything till Lyons graduates? In today's Enquirer, Lyons played it off like it was news to him.


He hasn't been given his release yet so there is nothing for X to release officially. That is in large part because the staff was on the road recruiting all weekend...

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