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  1. Depends how Hamilton does. If he's got an OPS of 700 or higher with a steal a game and plays a better CF than Choo you play Ludwig as your 4 th and against leftys. On the catching front Hanigans era was more than a full run better than Meso and he threw out 48% of runners to 27%. I'm sure the SP's like Hanigan doing the catching. I know it's wishful thinking on Billy coming up that soon but if he can hit .275 and walk like he did last year would love to see him.
  2. What do they do on May 1st if Hamilton is hitting .320 with 25 steals? Throw Choo in left and bring it I say.
  3. Let's hope they find their way to Covington?
  4. Jack's senior year I believe he average 35plus shooting 73% FG and about 80% FT...and he struggled to jump over a sheet of paper...fun to watch
  5. Good point Henry....what in the world happened over the years??
  6. I heard Coach Listerman screaming " GET SOME " after the game???
  7. Jack Jennings should be in any Holmes Top 5 discusssion
  8. I'm going with Guppy Brad Carr Davey Hite Fozzie Bear Ron Washington
  9. Harlem Shake on Barstool Sports to end all Harlem Shakes...I don't think I can post it here though!
  10. I seen something online they may be doing this at Lucky Duck on RT18 in front of Oakbrook? I'm not 100% though
  11. That is an incredibly low number for a 5A school. What happened to them all?
  12. Anyone know how many sophomores Cooper has playing football between the JV and V? I heard they only have 5 sophomores in the program. I'm guessing that can't be true?
  13. Good read about what it's like to be a lifelong Pirates fan and watching them collapse down the stretch on Deadspin : This Is Now The Pittsburgh Pirates' Worst Season Ever
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