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  1. Hearing Manual out 2 weeks due to covid test... any word on this?
  2. In your opinion, what are the toughest places to play in Kentucky?
  3. Manual is young and starting to click on all cylinders.... Male isn’t any worse having a close game with Manual. If you saw the game Manual played great and Male did also.... both teams will make noise in the playoffs
  4. Good win for the Warriors. I seen this team in person earlier in the year and they are a solid football team.
  5. Manual only has 9 seniors on the roster. The future is bright there
  6. Also, Adriene Bailey at Eminence is having a strong start to the season. Top 5 in the state in INT.
  7. Keep an eye on Bryce Yates at Manual. The numbers won’t show much cause he’s only been targeted 4 times this season.
  8. Any names being tossed around for this job?
  9. Running clock in this one. Boyle Co is that GOOD!
  10. I have to go with SO on this one. Cal has lost their starting qb and I expect the Dragons to get revenge.
  11. This seems like an interesting matchup. I watched Collins a few times during 7on7 and they seen to have some nice talent. I also know they are breaking in a new QB. Madison Central has 28 seniors on their roster, along with their starting QB back. Who do you guys have winning?
  12. Collins doesn't make the list? That is surprising. They have quite a few really good looking athletes.
  13. I remember watching Johnell Locke in 2004 play for JTown and he has remained one of my favorite players that I have watched in the state of KY. I also remember watching Marcus Wright at Eminence and he was Reggie Bush before there was Reggie Bush
  14. Spencer Co. seems to have lost quite a bit over the last few years, but they have one of the best coaches in the state of KY in my opinion. I am a big fan of Coach Marksbury and believe he will get the best out of each one of his players year in year out. Spencer is in a tough district with Shelby Co, Franklin Co, and Collins.
  15. This should be a fantastic game to watch. Two totally different styles. Two great teams. Two great coaching staffs. Should be a fun one Friday night. Collins 38-31
  16. Collins rolls in this one. WJ does not have the speed or athletes to make this competitive.
  17. What was the deal with the QB? No one seems to be sharing this information?
  18. I agree Tommy2Tone... Losing to Henry is enough for me as well. I don't want to predict a score but I do think Oldham has tremendously improved. Just not enough to win this game.
  19. I love the fact that coach Lefors has his 2a team playing 4a,5a,and 6a schools. They should definitely be ready come playoff time. CAL wins this game.
  20. Shelby will finally be battle-tested this week as they have played less than a mediocre schedule to date. I look for Shelby's fullback to have a big game (as usual) but they lose the game.
  21. PRP looked great against BG. Running clock this week.
  22. Would not be a stretch considering their schedule.
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