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  1. Is the Morgan kid from Ryle the starting quarterback for Hazard? I believe he is a Freshman. How did he look in the scrimmage last week? I think it is a big advantage for Pikeville that they have a game under their belt and this is the first game for Hazard. Hazard - 27 Pikeville - 16
  2. Not familiar with this young man. What middle/feeder school did he attend? Is he tall? What position does he play?
  3. I believe Cole VonHandorf will continue to play football at CCH going forward (after this year), however, it probably won't be at QB for the reason you state above. He's a good athlete and I am sure the coaching staff will get him on field in some capacity if it isn't at QB. Basketball seems to be his first love and he will be devoting his attention to that sport in the spring/summer. I believe both Schuh and Angel played with the CCH JV some this summer. I was told they both did well in the Spingboro/Moeller scrimmages. I like Hunter Myer at Dixie as well. Another great athlete (QB on the Frosh/JV team) who has unlimited potential on court and on the football field.
  4. Good Luck Derby State!! Is there a schedule anywhere on the AAU website? Isn't James Pouncy taking his U14 team to Nationals as well (Tar Heels)? I believe they are playing DII. I heard their starting point guard (Dante Hendrix - incoming Cooper Freshman) broke his elbow this weekend in practice and is scheduled for surgery this week. Big blow for Dante and the Tar Heels. I hope the young man is able to be back in time for football at Cooper in the fall. He's a great athlete and even better young man. You hate to see athletes put in the time preparing only to be unable to compete due to injuries. For those of you who do not know Dante, he is the younger brother of Aaron Morgan from Cooper. It's good to see the local incoming freshmen competing at the National AAU tournament this/next week.
  5. Covington Catholic freshman haven't beaten Highlands freshman since 2003? 10 Years?
  6. Very sad news. Prayers to Brady and the family.
  7. I don't want to drag this on, but you are the one talking about it SF1230, no one else has said a negative word about the young man. From reading the responses, they have all been positive. It sounds like you are basing your comment on watching him play a 'couple years back'. I guess that puts him in the 6th grade. He told the AAU coach what to do as a 6th grader as you say, 'bossing him around'. Your comments are becoming more and more comical.
  8. Wow, sounds like you have a personal issue with the young man SF1230. Did he take a spot away from your son on an aau team or something? He has played on my sons AAU team this summer and he has been nothing short of an 'Angel', pun intended. I believe you are way off base on this one. Jealousy is not very becoming of you. Good Luck to your SK teams.
  9. What height does Covington Catholic have outside of Schuh (tall and lean (more of a 3), can he be a back to the basket type of player as a 4 or 5 if need be?), Schult (big, strong body, but how tall is he?) and 'young' Heppler (will he play)? Anyone on the roster (perhaps JV) that has some height and strength? I just worry when they play against stronger, bigger teams (like NCC) that will pound the ball inside and try to get these bigs in foul trouble, who can they turn to? I think CCH is set at the guards, just a bit concerned about the depth of the bigs down low.
  10. I believe the Scott High School Freshman League starts tonight...... Does anyone have a schedule? What teams are playing?
  11. In the Incoming Freshman division (oldest). The team that won was: Anthony Best Matthew Theil Brent Angel Gunnar Schuh Coached by: Johnny Theil All will be incoming Freshman at CCH in the fall. I believe they beat a squad from Walton in the finals.
  12. The U15 KY Select Basketball Team is looking for a PG and another post player to complete their summer roster. If interested, please email nkywildcats@insightbb.com The U14 KY Select Basketball Team coached by James Pouncy won their initial tournament of the year this weekend going 6-0. I don't know the name of the tournament (held at Landmark Christian) or who is on the roster and where the boys will be attending High School in the fall. If anyone has that info that they could post it would be nice to see where these guys will be playing next year.
  13. Agreed. He would then be one of the tallest college golfers around. You don't see many 6'6"/6''7" golfers walking around.
  14. I was not impressed with Sheppard at all. Watching on the internet, from the first inning, it looked like he was questioning balls/strikes. Hit two batters (could/should have been 3, I would have argued the ball hit the batter on the wrist, not the hand for a foul ball). Walked numerous batters.... Where is Lawrence Co located? Is their competition this weak or is this just an 'off game' for Sheppard and the team? The announcers are saying they were one of the favorites to when the State? Are you kidding me? Lawrence Co can't run bases either!!! They just got their 3rd runner picked off!! Bottom of 3rd... 7 - 0 Breds!
  15. Is the game being broadcast anywhere on the internet/radio? Anyone going that can keep us, who have to work, updated via BGP's?
  16. Was out of town for the finals and just got to see the article and pictures from the game: http://nky.cincinnati.com/article/AB/20110603/SPT0302/106040333/NewCath-bats-come-alive-clutch?odyssey=mod|newswell|text|FRONTPAGE|s It sounds as though Andy "killer" Miller was the Star of the show in the finals! Congratulations to Andy and the Breds on the big victory Friday evening in Florence. Miller's box score: 2-3 with a double, 2RBI's and a run scored in a 3-2 victory in the finals. Wow!!! That's pretty impressive!!! If memory serves me correctly, didn't he have a few big hits in the Beechwood and Boone games as well? Sounds like he had a heck of a tournament. I'm kind of surprised now that the state tournament doesn't start for over a week!!!!
  17. Very Funny... It just shows how good of an athlete Sydney actually is......... An 'A+' soccer player and listed as a 5-1 favorite in the Belmont. I don't know to many athletes that have that rare combination of speed and atthleticism! To bad she had a soccer tournament the first Saturday in May or who knows....... she could have won the Triple Crown!
  18. Congratulations Sydney!!!! I hear Belmont is a beautiful university!!!!
  19. Current Junior Outside Hitter for the Panda's Emily Schmahl has verbally committed to continue her volleyball career at Murray State University and will play for Coach Schwepker and the Racers beginning in the fall of 2012. Emily earned Most Valuable Player honors as a junior at Notre Dame Academy this past season along with Best Offensive Player for the Pandas. She was voted NKGVCA Division 1 Player of the Year, NKAC All-Conference, District and Regional All-Tournament Team and KVCA All-State Honorable Mention as well. Congratulations Emily and Good Luck as a Senior this fall with the Pandas. :dancingpa:dancingpa:dancingpa
  20. Don Rickles and Bob Newhart for me..... Some of the funniest stuff I've ever heard came from these two. Very dry and off the cuff humor. They get my vote!
  21. I disagree as WVFrank points out Coach Dawn's record against Nell since he took over, however, that's why BGP's is so great.... everyone is free to express their own opinions. :thumb: Good Luck Breds!
  22. And I don't believe she left as the coach of NCC on her own accord. She was a very very good coach and well respected in the coaching community. In my opinion, she got more out of her less talented teams than most would in NKY. I don't know if she would have won the 9th region this year or not, however, I believe she would have had her team right there. Not taking anything away from Coach Dawn at all, I think they are both very good coaches, I just don't think the way things ended for Coach McDonald was handled in the best way. If I recall correctly, I believe there were some parents involved that had the administrations ear during that time. However, that is all water under the bridge at this point. Congrats NCC and good luck at state!
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