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  1. I agree, however, tell this to some of the middle school parents who absolutely get out of control at these games....
  2. Did any of the Freshman get in for SK? Racke? Hawkins? etc.. If so, how did they play?
  3. Update...... I spoke briefly with Ted (and his wife) this morning..... He wanted me to Thank everyone for the kind words and prayers over the past week, he said he truly appreciates it..... He is still extremely sore, has no memory of the accident and is on a lot of pain medicine. He was released from the hospital on Wednesday and made the long trip back to Hazard with his family over snow covered dangerous roads. He said they followed a tractor trailer through the mountains and its trailer just kept sliding back and forth from lane to lane in the snow. He is in a neck brace (he didn't require neck surgery) that he is not allowed to remove for any reason while his neck heals and is working with the VA for extended medical care. He is still requiring 24 hour care while in the early stages of his recovery. He said recovery could take 6 - 8 weeks and possibly longer. It looks like he is on the road to recovery, hopefully, there won't be any set backs along the way. Please continue to keep Ted in your prayers.
  4. I spoke with the family last evening. Ted is resting comfortably in the hospital in Kingsport, TN. He is out of ICU and expected to survive. He is still 'drugged up' and doesn't recall anything about the accident. From what I understand, he was thrown across the front seat of the car and his head went through the passenger window after impact. He has multiple stitches/staples in his head and a frature to his neck, however, does have feeling in his arms and legs. The passengers in the other vehicle were all ok. Please continue with the prayers for Ted and his family.
  5. I should rephrase my post.... I should have said..... 'I can't believe there could be' instead of 'No way there are' as I am not familiar with everyone one of the teams listed ahead of NCC. My point being, NCC is loaded this year and in my opinion, there can't be 11 teams better than them in the state.
  6. No way there are 11 teams in the state that are better than NCC. They are solid at every position! I'm on the same page as Men..... (the BGP'er who posted above with the extremely long screen name!! lol). And at the end of the year...... the player of the year in the 9th will be McDonald and the gap between Bolden and Pangallo at the point isn't as great as some believe on this site.
  7. I didn't want to calculate the percentage of posts in this thread from the HHS faithful that continuely state that the Colonels are 'now healthy', however, they are far from it. It seems like when one or two come off the shelf, another one or two go on. It's been a long hard season fighting the injury bug in Park Hills. The Colonels come in still limping and the Birds come in flying high..... I'm just glad CCH still gets the oppurtunity to suit up for another week. Looking forward to Friday evening.....
  8. Final..... CCH - 42 JC - 14 Great game Colonels.... Good Luck next week
  9. TD Luke Bir...... CCH - 42 JC - 14 Bir, Ben Dressman, Offensive Line have had an incredible game..... Outside of the first drive for JC and a fluke play late in the 1st half, CCH has dominated in every aspect of the game.
  10. 5 to go in 4th..... CCH driving at JC 23 yard line.... Start the buses!!!!
  11. JC fumbles.... CCH recovers..... 1st and 10 CCH in own territory..... Turnovers galore in 2nd half..... 35 - 14 with 830 to go in 4th.
  12. JC driving..... 2 straight 15 yard penalties against CCH....
  13. 10 min to go..... CCH with Interception returned for TD..... CCH - 35 JC - 14
  14. Pitzer with INT for CCH on 4th down play for JC. CCH takes over early 4th quarter.....
  15. End of 3rd.... JC driving into CCH territory...... ball at CCH 29. 3rd and 9 for JC CCH - 28 JC - 14
  16. CCH fumbles..... JC recovers..... 28 - 14 CCH 4 to go in 3rd quarter....
  17. JC turn over on downs.... CCH ball, own 41 yard line.
  18. Ben Dressman with long TD run.... CCH - 28 JC - 14 Extra Point is good.... 1st possession of second half.... Nice start for CCH....
  19. JC kicks on side kick to start 3rd Quarter.... CCH recovers....
  20. Luke Bir has about 150 + yards on 5 or 6 carries.... Halftime..... CCH - 21 JC - 14
  21. JC with LONG TD run after CCH punt...... CCH - 21 JC - 14 CCH blocks point after..... 56 seconds left in half.... Not a way to end the half if you are CCH.
  22. JC has a 3 and out..... Cov Cath takes over with 3 min to go in 1st half..... CCH gets first ball coming out of the half as well.... 21 - 8 CCH
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