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  1. Ben Dressman with TD run...... CCH - 21 JC - 8 Extra Point good. 5 to go in 2nd quarter
  2. Drop pass by JC on 4th and 5... Colonels take over on own 45 yard line.... Bir with carry for 40 yards...... 2 Carries 100 plus yards for Bir. 14 - 8 Colonels Colonels driving again.... deep inside JC territory.
  3. 10:38 to go in 2nd quarter.... CCH punts back to JC.... 1st and 10 JC from their own 24 yard line. JC stops CCH offense for first time tonight.
  4. CCH holds on 4th and 1 at CCH 20. End of 1st quarter.... CCH - 14 JC - 8
  5. Dressman to Reinsing 30 yard TD for Colonels. Extra Point Good. CCH - 14 JC - 8 late first quarter. First time JC has trailed all year.
  6. JC 3 and out..... Punt to CCH..... 1st and 10 CCH from their own 40.
  7. Cov Cath 1st play from scrimmage...... Luke Bir 60+ yard run for TD...... Extra Point good JC - 8 CCH - 7
  8. JC 8 - 0. 8:03 to go in 1st Quarter. Drove opening drive for TD. All running plays.
  9. I believe Drew will be the Player of the Year this year in the 9th region with Bolden/Hatton finishing a close 2nd/3rd. Just my opinion, however, I look for Drew to have a big first game against Dixie and a huge year. He can dominate down low against the bigs and/or step outside and knock down the threes. He is going to be a matchup nightmare for teams. Another thing Drew does well is pass the ball, he can find and hit the open man which will be a big help for Schulte and the rest of the Breds.
  10. I did find this after posting about common opponents.... Rowan County & Harrison County. CCH won @ Harrison Co. 42-6 on Oct 18th. CCH won at home vs. Rowan Co. 41-14 on Nov. 9th (playoffs) JC won at home vs. Rowan Co. 59-10 on Oct. 18th. JC won at home vs. Harrison Co. 77-13 on Nov. 8th (playoffs)
  11. Did they share any common opponents this year? If so, what were the results? In my opinion, it is hard to tell how good some teams are without looking at who each of the teams played. From what I've gathered, JC runs the ball a ton. I think CCH plays the run very well, especially if Sam is playing. Any chance CCH can take that away this Friday? If so, then things look good for the Colonels. I think that is what it comes down to. I'll take the Colonels 28 - 20 in this one.
  12. freshmen quarterback Tanner Morgan has completed 113-of-167 passes for 1,877 yards and 22 touchdowns. Tanner is averaging 188 passing yards per game. ------- Looks like Mr. Morgan is adjusting well to being the varsity quarterback of the Bulldogs. Congrats to the young man!
  13. This is funny. When I called them on Tuesday after the Sunday outage to complain about missing the Bengals game and the World Series (I actually went to Barleycorn's so it wasn't that bad), they told me I would be receiving an email with regard to what they were going to do to 'make it right' for their customers. I told them that was fine, I would wait for the email. I wanted to confirm which email address they had on file so I could keep a look out for it. The girl went to check and came back on line and said..... 'it doesn't look like we have one for you, can I get your email address'. lol. It is completely a joke. Still waiting on the email letting me know what they are going to do to 'make it right'. Has anyone received their email yet?
  14. I spoke with him yesterday at the Cov Cath varsity game against Conner. He said he saw Dr. Kremcheck that morning for x-rays and the break did not require surgery. He was in an arm immobilizer and says he should be released by Thanksgiving if all goes well.
  15. I was told that is how it was drawn up...... I was giving credit to the coaching staff for being so innovative!!!
  16. Is there a scoring summary of the game? I heard the younger Miller (Erik) had a good game, a wide receiver? I believe his older brother played football, basketball, baseball and golf at NCC a few years ago.
  17. I agree. And when you called to tell them yesterday it was out, you got a busy signa then disconnectedl! Really! I've had Fioptics for 2 months and it has been a DISASTER! If I could get through to them, I would fire them as well! TWC has called and stopped by a couple times since I left to get me to come back, however, I wanted to give these guys a chance. The picture does seem a bit better, however, everything else is TERRIBLE!
  18. I am 100% confident you are wrong with this statement. The Championship Game has always been on the CCH schedule and soemthing that the boys have been pointing to all year.
  19. This makes ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE AT ALL!!!! Was this agreed upon with the CCH coaching staff prior to the game that the regular season game was a winner take all? I can't believe you can just say 'we don't want to play anymore'. I guess, had CCH won the regular season game you would have taken the same stance? So much for CCH not wanting to show 'to much' of their playbook against Ryle in preparation for the Championship Game. To bad the Patriots didn't use this philosophy in 2007, they could have told everyone they had an undefeated season and defeated the Giants in the regular season, therefore, we are refusing to play in the Super Bowl, 'we have nothing more to prove'.
  20. Seems to be some confusion about if this game is taking place or not...... It seems as though the CCH team is planning on playing for the Championship (practicing today). In other threads, there have been posts that the Ryle Frosh have been told to clean out their lockers, their season is over. OLD RAIDER seems to be in the know from the Ryle side of the house. What say you? Do you (or others) have any information about the game next week?
  21. The CCH Freshman team has practice today in anticipation of the Championship Game next Wednesday. So, if there isn't a Championship Game, someone failed to inform the Colonels.
  22. Didn't some of the freshman play this past weekend in the varsity game against Harrison Co.? I don't get this 'lock em game' stuff anyway since you could just use the 'financial' excuse to switch schools if you don't like the way things are going for your child at a parochial school. Hasn't that been the excuse in other threads....
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