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  1. Thanks for the update Bredwinner. I thought NDA was going to be loaded this year. Did you see any of the JV game? Is NDA loaded there as well? NCC JV look good? How did your daughter do? Nice article on Coach Fleissner in the paper today.
  2. So, in your opinion, do you think Oppenheimer will see more action then? I take it he is the bigger of the two backs. I've seen him during the basketball season and he looks like a monster! Or, do you think they will do more of a two back set with both of them in at the same time. Sorry for the generic question, however, who is Simpson?
  3. Lol!!! At the end of the day, this scrimmage, with two very strong volleyball programs will be good for both schools. Tell your daughter good luck!
  4. Nice recap from last nights scrimmage, nice work. It should be interesting year this year. Bredwinner - Are you going to tonights NCC/NDA scrimmage at 6:00pm? I intended to go, however, it is NDA night at the Florence Freedom since it was rained out last night... I don't think I will be able to do both.
  5. http://nky.cincinnati.com/article/AB/20090805/SPT0302/908050378/Pushing+Panda+pride A nice article written by Richard Skinner about Andrea Lanham taking over the NDA program.
  6. Who are their running backs this year? Don't they have a stud Sr. and a stud Jr.? Are they getting any looks from D1 schools? I guess, following the ole' Boone Co. tradition they will be a run oriented team again? I liked the Boone / Cov. Cath. game to open the season. Good to see Boone and Highlands playing again.
  7. How are the Boone Co. Rebels looking so far this summer in preperation for the upcoming season? Still loaded at RB? Has their scheduled been posted? I guess the BCHS v. CCH game no longer kicks off the football season in Northern Kentucky.
  8. Notre Dame still looks like the team to beat even with the injury to A. Robinson. I've heard nothing but good things so far about the new coaches (Lanham and Long). Does anyone know St. Henry's varsity roster? I was told they were only going to have 8 on varsity, including 2 freshman. I know Scott has the two Lauren's. Do they have any strengths as the other positions? I'm not familiar with the other top teams in the region. Doesn't seem as though there is much of a chance of a team representing the 9th region outside of St. Henry or Notre Dame. I know NCC is scrimmaging NDA tomorrow at NDA. Has St. Henry had any scrimmages or do they have any coming up?
  9. Not to bring up the end of the season before it starts, however, attached is the 2009 State Tournament Bracket in case anyone is interested. http://www.khsaa.org/volleyball/2009/statebracket2009.pdf Region 6 - Mercy, Presentation, Butler, Lou. Holy Cross Region 7 - Sacred Heart, Assumption, DuPont Manual Region 9 - St. Henry, Notre Dame, Scott, Ryle Region 10 - NCC, Highlands, Campbell Co. Region 6 vs. Region 9 in one Semi Final Region 7 vs. Region 10 in the other Semi Final I just thought I would throw out some additional information in case you were wondering. Looking forward to a great season!!!
  10. If that is the case, wouldn't it make sense for all the schools to play in it? Or, do the more 'dominate' (I don't know what word I am looking for here) schools feel they can get more out of a practice?
  11. Thanks Carguy! I am new to BGP and to the High School Sports scene. Also, why is your avitar a boat? Shouldn't it be a car or is that your disguise? :jump: lol. Only kidding.
  12. Are team rosters posted somewhere for 2009? Is there a website that contains this information for all the high schools or is it to early? Doesn't the season start in a couple of weeks?
  13. Any updates on who the team(s) to beat is in Northern Kentucky this year in girls High School Soccer? Is it St. Henry and Highlands again? Who are the players to watch this fall? Any new faces?
  14. Why are all the high shools not playing in the Bluegrass games? I don't see St. Henry or Notre Dame mentioned on the brackets or any of the big Louisville volleyball schools. Just curious
  15. I agree with Bredwinner:thumb:. I've seen her play at NKYVC and she is every bit of 6'1", can jump and hits the ball hard. It should be interesting to see if she gets some varsity action for the Pandas.
  16. What was the final score? How many points did Montgomery end up with today? I'm been impressed with with his game. I saw him play yesterday (16 points) and a few times last year as a soph (IMO he should have received more minutes on varsity) and liked the way he ran the floor and his versatility. I think with the group of seniors that are returning this year for Boone, he and Boone could have a big year. You never know what kind of officiating is going to show up from one game to the next.
  17. I've seen these guys play before and they have some talent. Any truth to the rumor that McDonald is possibly looking at attending Highlands instead of NCC?
  18. I experienced the same thing while watching the games. So, don't feel you are alone. The good news is there is a lot of good basketball talent on display.
  19. Dream Big or don't dream at all...... Hopefully your dreams will come true! Congratulations Taylor on making the USA National Team!! Good luck in Ft. Lauderdale and at NDA!
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