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  1. Nice to see Lenhof, Flood and Sweeney getting some varsity playing time for CCH....
  2. I thought when you said this is just like the CCH game they were only playing till halftime. Glad to see they are playing the second half...
  3. How many shots did McDonald take? I understand it was a route...... but only 6 points? Does anyone have the shot attempts for McDonald, Moeves, Schulte, Weyer? Just curious why only six points for Big McD!
  4. 12 - 9 at the half? Must have been a defensive struggle. I like hearing Austin Neff was the leading scorer for NCC. The kid can shoot! Did Pangallo play for NCC? Moeves? How did they do?
  5. I agree, let him get to High School first...... I'd vote that this thread should be closed.
  6. Heck, I thought he was talking about 'Beechwood' calling them the Beechies. But I guess you are correct that he is saying it won't 'BE CCH'. Didn't CCH have a left handed QB in VonHandorf last year at the freshman level? Certainly, he is not referring to Coach Edgington.... Coach Edgington did an OUTSTANDING job last year with the CCH Freshman team. I didn't understand the comment about the offensive and defensive players of the year either. Did the CCH Freshman team have those awards handed out at the end of the season?
  7. TOG - Why kill the fun? All anyone had to do was ask Coach Wirth and he would have told them he wasn't going to Ryle.
  8. The game should have been called at halftime anyway with CCH up 18-12!
  9. but it is a circus.....
  10. Very Nice... Big fan of Ashley... Great girl and great family.....Congrats on the nomination....
  11. Nice avator Crawlb4uball!!!! :thumb: Whoever came up with that design is pretty clever!!! Is that an old (or new) SK logo? First time I've seen it....
  12. Way2Serious I think you are taking this rule Way 2 Serious!!! :lol2:
  13. I FG attempt for Schuh and 1 FG attempt for Vonhandorf.... 35 FG attempts for the Colonels for the game. That has to be a season low. I believe they are averaging over 50 attempts per game. The 2 / 3 zone really reduced the number of possessions in the game and CJ did a good job on the defensive end of the court in limiting the Colonels on the offensive glass.
  14. Nice.... Yesterday (or the day before) I was a premium member.... now I am a Registered User, WTH!! I guess I need to read my emails.
  15. The ref doesn't call the violation immediately, correct? They wait until after the free throw is attempted. If FT is good, no violation, if the FT is missed, violation is called and the player gets FT over again.
  16. Congrats Zach!!!! Good kid from a great family!!!!
  17. I think Money is questioning mister cee's comment (as am I) is with the "D1" in quotes? mister cee - are you saying they are not "D1" players? If so, you are sadly mistaken, both are. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that NCC's offense needs to start with their BIG's! If they don't get established early in Friday nights game against CCH, that favors CCH.
  18. Not a big deal, however, the final score was actually 46- 37. CCH outscored Holmes 13 -10 in the fourth (not 13 -6). First half was pretty lackluster for the Colonels, played better, and with more intensity in the second half (outscoring the Bulldogs 28 -16).
  19. VonHandorf with 25! Incredible!!! Congrats to the young man. Colonels roll on. Could be the first of three meetings between the heavyweights.
  20. Roll Tide!!!!! I liked the Superfly Snooka leap!!!!
  21. Where is TOG? We need stats! Big win for CCH! Big shot for VonHandorf! How did Schuh do? What is schedule for tomorrow?
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