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  1. Again so much misinformation but I really don't care. Some of us have jobs and can't spend our work day on BGP posting nonsense. I will only say that most of what you assert here is your opinion of how I feel. None of it is based on fact.
  2. THANK YOU! I would like to know as well....
  3. I promise myself that I won't reply anymore but when people get on here and blatantly distort reality for anyone to read, I can't sit silent. Andrea Lanham resigned from NDA volleyball on November 20, 2013. Buck's hire was announced on January 18, 2014. So if Sarah Draud's mom was walking around all 2014 club season (Sarah's 15u season playing for NKYVC), don't pretend she didn't know Buck was the new coach and that Buck coached at TSE. I'm not implicating Sarah or her mom in anything. I don't even know them, I am using her because you brought her name up as having switched to TSE prior to Buck being hired and the facts are that is a lie, your lie not Sarah or her mom's. Sarah played her 15u (2014) season at NKYVC and left at 16u. Then you say, 'Well she may have been playing at NKYVC but her mom was telling everyone she was leaving prior to Andrea resigning from NDA..." So, I guess if NKYVC season started on January 1st...she told a bunch of people she was leaving NKYVC between January 1-January 18 when Buck was announced. Even you have to realize how silly that sounds. No tournaments had been played, maybe 6 practices had taken place yet Mrs. Draud is running around saying she is leaving NKYVC. It makes no sense. As for where the Frosh coach was affiliated - we are talking Head Coaches but I guess if you want to split hairs, you would be right. I have no idea where Buck's staff coaches and that is irrelevant anyway. With regard to Andrea's assistants... for many years it was Matt Long of Team Z/TSE. I believe Matt was there for all but Andrea's last season. Andrea's last year her assistant was Christie Pavia who does not have any daughters and had no club affiliation as she had just moved here from out of town. So I am not sure what Assistant you are talking about as having a daughter who played at NKYVC. The JV coach, Gretchen Stephenson, coached at NKYVC but had not for many years. She was not the varsity assistant. Yes, her daughters played (and play there now) at NKYVC as did almost the entire NDA program back then. Again, you don't even know the basics of who was coaching what team (Lanham/Pavia varsity, Stephenson JV and Reyes Frosh), yet you get on here and act like you know everything. Why would anyone post something that can be refuted so easily? As for who benefitted from whom...that is my exact argument....NDA benefitted from NKYVC not the other way around. Now, TSE benefits from NDA....there is a big difference. How about don't post anything unless you know for a fact it to be true. I have emails from NDA admin with dates to verify the above resignation date of Lanham and hiring of Buck, forwarded to me by parents in the program at the time. Everything you post is "I talked to some parents..." or "Well I know some people over there..." Usually, I ignore it but you are over the top here. I even hate how this all comes across. I am an NDA fan. I simply wanted to know if anyone was going to the scrimmage tonight to watch them play and get some feedback. I don't hate TSE, I do hate the implication across the board that to get ahead at NDA you have to play at TSE - that is felt across the club volleyball community. I always want the Pandas to succeed no matter who the coach is and what club they play for. Facts are, this is a brand new team. Current seniors never played for Lanham, they played Frosh/JV as freshman and the bulk of NKYVC players are gone. That is different for NDA, as is the lack of scholarship athletes. Those are facts.
  4. Re the bold above...not true. Draud played her 15's season at NKYVC. She left for TSE after Buck was announced as head coach at NDA. In fact, I would have to check because I am going off memory - I think the ONLY current varsity player to play at TSE prior to Buck becoming head coach at NDA, was Monticelliani (sp?). All others that I know to be on varsity did not go to TSE until Buck was hired. NKYVC Official Roster of 15-1 Tsunami Coaches: # Name Pos Height School Grad Year College Committed 6 JACQUELINE NOLL DS 5'5" NOTRE DAME ACADEMY 2017 NO 7 SARAH DRAUD OH 5'10" NOTRE DAME ACADEMY 2017 NO 11 LAUREN SCHUERMANN L|DS 5'8" ST. URSULA 2017 NO 16 CHLOE KLUSMAN MB|OPP 6'2" MERCY 2017 NO 17 ADRIAN ELL S|OH 6'1" MCNICHOLAS 2017 NO 20 PEYTON MCCARTHY MB 6'2" SETON 2017 NO 26 HAYLEY BUSH S|OH 5'10" RYLE 2017 NO 30 RACHEL MCDONALD OH 5'11" NEWPORT CENTRAL CATHOLIC 2017 NO 32 KAITY SMITH MB|OH 6'0" COOPER 2017 NO SportsEngine You also imply that Andrea Lanham coached at NKYVC and she didn't. She did not coach club. She helped with practices at NKYVC here and there for one club season, but she never coached a team or ran practices or ran any training at NKYVC. For the majority of her time at NDA she had no club affiliation at all.
  5. Anyone going? Would like a report on the young Pandas. Return three starters after the graduation of Hentz and company. First year as "Buck's team" as the holdovers from Lanham have all graduated. First year for a TSE dominated varsity roster as well. I believe there is only one non TSE player on varsity (Stephenson NKYVC). Also, only one college commitment (Stephenson Wright State) - that's a first in many years as well. Time to put up or shut up? May be a long season for the Pandas.
  6. Thor you are 100% correct. Thank you! As for Sandman, he is not an NDA parent (thank God). Anything he knows is second hand gossip. Take it with a grain of salt.
  7. Agree completely. These teams are a money grabbing scam by USA Volleyball unless you are on the top team.
  8. Pretty sure the AD would "fight" a transfer. Historically, NDA does not care about releasing players to play varsity elsewhere. With a new AD maybe this will change, but Gunning never tried to deny anyone the right to play immediately at their new school, regardless of reason. If the kid wants to leave, let them leave and let the KHSAA handle it. I don't know the Martin's or their daughter but, they seem like they would be a lot to handle for any program. High school sports is about playing for your hometown school, making memories-good and bad, leading the program if you are the best player... not transferring all over the place until you find a school that will make your kid the star or because your kid likes the coach. I just disagree with this on all levels. I hope NDA doesn't fight anything. Let her go and try to find what she is looking for - or, more likely, what her parents are looking for.
  9. I'm not the one bashing the current coach. You sound like the typical "Power Parent" (to steal that term from other threads), criticize, complain, and try to make someone lose their job. I say, grab a whistle and a clipboard and get out there and do it yourself. If you aren't willing to then shut up about it. I mean, a comment here or there questioning a move by a coach is one thing, but every one of your posts is like a personal crusade against this coach. Get out there and do it yourself and see it's not as easy as it looks and people like you only make it worse.
  10. Let's just quit the pronouns and say who it was. Matt Long coaching TSE 12U. His excuse was that he got "caught up in the heat of the moment". What a joke....
  11. Was this at a club tournament? If so, was it USA Volleyball sanctioned or JVA sanctioned. Not that it matters, as far as I know. I am most familiar with USA Volleyball rules and the libero can only serve for one position. There is a libero tracker that is stationed at the scorer's table and she is responsible for keeping track of who the libero goes in for and who she serves for in each set (game). If the libero served for three different players then an infraction occurred that should have been caught by the scorer table. Frankly, the first official (up ref) should have caught this as well, it would be pretty obvious that the libero was serving for half of the eligible serving rotations. Here is USAV's rules regarding this? USAV LIBERO SERVING RULE USAV 7.7.1: A rotational fault is committed when a Libero serves in a second rotation position in the same set. USAV a. The Libero may not block or attempt to block. b. In one rotation, a Libero may serve after replacing the player in position 1. USAV In one rotation, a Libero can replace the player in position 1 and serve the next rally, even if s/he is already on the court in replacement of another player. In this situation, the Libero does not have to exit the court before replacing the player in position 1, and there does not need to be a completed rally between Libero replacements. Related Rule Interpretations 1. Team A's Libero (#3) is in the game in position 5, having replaced #8. A Libero has not served in the set. #10 is in position 2. Team A wins the rally and rotates. The Libero #3 goes directly to position 1 to serve. Team A's #8 comes off the bench to position 4 and #10 leaves the court to the bench. Both regular players exchange through the Libero Replacement Zone. Ruling: This is the proper procedure. According to USAV, the Libero does not have to leave the court, and there need not be a completed rally if s/he is replacing the player in position 1, and is the next correct server. 2. Team A's Libero (#3) is on the court in position 5, having replaced #8. Team A has a second Libero (#14) who is on the bench. A Libero has not served in the set. #10 is in position 2. Team A wins the rally and rotates. Team A wants the second Libero (#14) to serve, so Libero #3 and regular player #8 exchange, and Libero #14 and regular player #10 exchange. Libero #14 is the next server for Team A. Ruling: This is the proper procedure. A team with two designated Liberos may exchange Liberos freely, as long as the exchange takes place between completed rallies. Either Libero may serve, as long as it is in only one service rotation position. 3. Team A's Libero #3 has served in rotation 1. In the same set, after winning a rally, Team A's Libero #14 replaces the player in rotation 4 on the scoresheet. #14 goes to position 1 and prepares to serve. Ruling: Even when there are two Liberos on a team, the Libero(s) can only serve in one position on the scoresheet. The Scorer and Assistant Scorer should wait until the Libero contacts the ball for service, and then notify the second referee that a rotation fault has occurred. The second referee should whistle to stop play, indicate a rotational fault, and the first referee should award the rally to Team B. If Libero #14 entered the game from the bench after there had been a completed rally, s/he may stay in the game. If Libero #14 was already on the court, or if there had not been a completed rally between the Libero replacements, the regular player and Libero #14 must exchange, with the regular player going back to position 1. There now must be a completed rally before Team A is allowed another Libero replacement. 4. Team A's Libero, #3 serves three points. The Team A coach now wants their second Libero, #14 to serve during the same term of service. Ruling: Per Rule the Liberos are allowed to exchange after a completed rally at any time during the match, so there is no rule prohibiting this type of replacement. However, the match must not be delayed any longer than if the same player had stayed in the game to serve. If there is any delay longer than the normally allowed interval between serves, the replacement is allowed, however a delay sanction should be assessed. 5. Team A's #1 rotates to position 1 to serve. The Team A Libero runs from the warm-up area, and #1 leaves the service zone directly to the warm-up area. The exchange takes place behind the end line. Ruling: All Libero exchanges must take place in the Libero Replacement Zone, in order for the Scorer and Assistant Scorer to properly note the exchange. Team A is at risk of a delay sanction. Even if a delay sanction is assessed, the replacement, if otherwise legal, should be allowed.
  12. Another 2018. Her and Stephenson both play for NKYVC 16-1 Tsunami. I also saw they just had 8/9 seniors sign to play at college. Impressive! Congrats to this young lady and her family!
  13. I'm with Dallas...who are the big recruits for Beechwood?
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