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  1. I thought Shumate was over in Indiana?
  2. Simple life you must have to be concerned about someone u don't know. Thinking this isn't your only failure in life! Hang in there, be smart, life will get better!
  3. So you are allowed your input and I am not? AND you get to decide what is appropriate and what is inappropriate? Why is that, exactly?
  4. lol....somewhere else? where else is this conversation taking place? HILARIOUS!
  5. zero chance of that! is it me or does she always look grumpy?
  6. is Becca Ruppel going to be able to play at the next level?
  7. Were they state runner-up last year?
  8. Nothing like working on conditioning during a game! I know I'm old school, but what happened to running sprints during the week and playing the game on Friday night? Wonder if he lifts weights while he isn't playing?
  9. Another tool coach as I have mentioned in the past. They just keep coming!
  10. lol....let it go? If everyone let it gooooo.... there would be no bluegrasspreps. I did not evaluate a coach OR am I disgruntled parent. I only asked a couple of questions. I'm sorry, but something about this site makes me think that is what it is all about.
  11. I'm curious, with all the dissension going on this past year with Cooper Volleyball, were they Regional Runner-up because of or in spite of the head coach and her handling of the team? The fact that Cooper was Regional Runner-up, does this mean coach will keep the job or will the parents keep beating on the A.D.'s door?
  12. It's much more fun to hear the coaches yell at the refs when they don't know the rules.
  13. The whistle does not stop the play. The play stops the play.
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