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  1. It is a shame that they have lost all those games.
  2. I would sign him cheap and take a chance on him. Nothing to lose!
  3. I dont think he ever hit a shot going left at Rupp. He went right every time and lit us up!
  4. I like his honesty, but i wish he wanted so loud during the interview. Speaking the truth is refreshing, but the sideline reporter was probably scared to death.
  5. I agree. I don't necessarily like the rule, but if you see it don't you have to call it?
  6. I am sure the refs don't want to give a tech for this, but if you know its a rule and you see it happen: Don't you have to?
  7. I am at a game tonight and at the start of the 4th quarter a player on the home team has blood on his jersey. The referee tells him he has to come out of the game because of the blood on his jersey. The player then takes his jersey off while standing on the floor (by his bench). Is this a technical foul? In the player's defense he had on an undershirt. Does that matter?
  8. If all the players that left early for the NBA that are in the D-league or riding the pine would still be in college it would be ALOT better.
  9. I am a UK fan, but i think it is a shame that ratings and evaluations are all based on projections now instead of production. NBA drafts on potential not production and now College Basketball is being rated on projections and not production. There was no reason for UK to be rated as high in the preseason poll as they were. They might be that good by the end of the year, but preseason ratings should be rating teams where they are at that time. No way was UK that good at the beginning of they year. There is no way Poythreus should get drafted top 10. If he does it is all on projection not production. We need to start teaching kids they need to PRODUCE! See Daniel Orton!!!!
  10. Chip Kelly makes the most sense with his spread offense and their personnel.
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