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  1. Monday Feb 25th at Lincoln County High School Pulaski County vs Wayne County 6pm West Jessamine vs Lincoln County 7:45pm Tuesday Feb 26th Southwestern vs Mercer County 6pm Boyle County vs Somerset 7:45pm
  2. Final from Eat Jessamine High School..... Lincoln County 74 - Woodford County 49
  3. Lincoln up 69-45 with 2 minutes to go in 4th qtr. Both coaches ju.st emptied their benches.
  4. So...you really can't go by this list in reality, because SO MANY schools don't report any stats! I am in agreement that the KHSAA should make it mandatory for coaches or administrators to post a roster AND stats. Who knows how many college coaches out there might be looking at these and a lot of kids are missing out on that!? :idunno:
  5. Well, sick or not, they both played pretty much the whole game. Johnson sat more because of foul trouble but Gover looked like his normal awesome self!
  6. Final from Pulaski County High School. Lincoln was up by 1 and Taylor Gover (who else) hit a 3 and then Lincoln had to foul Gover who hit both. Good game!
  7. Final from Dunkin Donuts Classic at Lexington Catholic
  8. Same thing happened in the last game vs Holmes...Lincoln only scored 12 in the second half of that game. Holmes moves to the championship game and Lincoln County will play for third place. Hopefully a KY team will bring home the trophy...North Laurel also playing in this tourney but I am not sure how they did in their game last night. Holmes was led in scoring by Palmer with 20...Lincoln County was led by Luke Hill with 12 pts.
  9. You are welcome, Walter! Holmes hitting shots more in the third qtr. Score 31-27 Holmes at the end of 3.
  10. From the Rock Holiday Classic in Florida.....17-16 Lincoln County at halftime.
  11. Wow! I guess I shouldn't be surprised - If Wayne County is shooting lights out (like they did against Lincoln County the other night), they are hard to beat (as are most teams I guess)! Looks like they had 4 or 5 of their starters in double figures. They are playing much better than many thought they would, including me!
  12. Ok, nevermind. Hill had 14 for Lincoln, as I was just informed by him. haha :lol:
  13. Sorry I posted the score earlier as 59-56 but I didnt think they counted the last second shot by Lincoln. Also, the individual points listed above don't add up for Lincoln?
  14. Final from Stanford....I do believe that Carson must have had 50 of those points, or so it seemed! He probably shot 30 free throws!! Good game though, even though we lost!
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