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  1. Tower Park Soccer Field, Army Reserve Rd, Fort Thomas, KY 41075
  2. I'm sure it had all the qualities of a state final
  3. The draw is definitely in highlands favor as the 7,8,11,and12th regions are all in the top half of the bracket.
  4. Congratulations ladybirds. Good luck in the state tournament.
  5. Like I said in another thread "group of death" . So with the number 1 team in the state out in regionals does the winner of the region become the favorite?
  6. Was the goalie noticeably off the line? Usually they give you the first foot off the line.
  7. Agreed tough to not blow the whistle when I'm sure everyone is yelling handling on dogso. Rarely will you see advantage played in the box.
  8. That would be incorrect. They are supposed to look for advantage on all calls but some are reluctant when the foul occurs in the box.
  9. Definitely a red card but if he didn't blow the whistle so quick NDA put the rebound in the net. If he had let it play out would it still be a red card since the ball went in the net?
  10. Not a surprise here. Last year's district final was scheduled for 8pm so the football team got its practice in.
  11. Interesting that Conner is in the A group. Simon Kenton has a really tough draw! I know there just practice games.
  12. Joat is right on this. Some things don't belong on social media for discussion.
  13. The refs are listed on the stat page. Know them all and definitely well deserved.
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