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  1. Signed a free agent 1 year on April 1, 2016. MLB Cincinnati OD 16
  2. Dan Straily has slowly become the ace of the Reds pitching staff. The right hander signed on April Fools day this spring is 10-6 with a 3.57 era. Since the all-star break he is 6-0 and has allowed 2 or less earned runs in every start since with wins against San Francisco, St. Louis, Pittsburgh, Miami and Texas in those 6 wins. Straily was signed to a 1 year contract for the league minimum and isn't eligible for arbitration until 2018 and free agency until 2021. The question is should the Reds make an attempt to sign Straily to a longer contract or just let him go? He will be 28 years old in December and has a career 4.28 era but seems to have figured things out. His walk rate is down and his war is 3.4 similiar to Jake Arrietas for 2016.
  3. Okay give me my opinion then and tell me just what a starter's worth IS based on if it's not wins and losses.
  4. I see the double team coming so I'll discontinue my argument right here. I know that on BGP there are a lot of things that you can't have your own opinion on and I guess this is one of them.
  5. You don't base a closers worth strictly on w/l. Closers worth is based on saves not w/l. Below are career records of closers at the top of the list. Career saves leader Mariano Rivera, (652), seems to be the exception record wise but his record is only .577 at 82-60 and that includes his 1st season as a starter at 5-3. Look at these career records and tell me what their worth was based on. So your Chapman comparison doesn't float in this discussion. Trevor Hoffman 601 saves 54-64 Lee Smith 478 saves 58-76 John Franco 424 saves 90-87 Billy Wagner 422 saves 46-39 Francisco Rodriguez 420 saves 48-47 Dennis Eckersly 390 saves 46-43 (as a closer)
  6. You threw out the era as the good I threw out the won/loss as the slightly above average. Bottom line is you go to the playoffs based on wins and losses not era.
  7. You feel good about paying him $63m over the next 3 years for a 33-27 record then? Sorry but that doesn't excite me that much.
  8. Then you feel a lot better about his career than I do outside his 2 no hitters.
  9. Who's the long man for today? Homer at 40 pitches 1 out in 2nd trailing 4-1.
  10. Do we really want him back to his former self?
  11. Bad Homer today! Need him to pitch better or they have no chance of trading him offseason. I was hoping for another no-no soon from him.
  12. Poor Billy Hamilton, the guys to his right and left today are not very good outfielders. Neither of them has any semblence of an arm either.
  13. Somebody please tell Mr. Knowitall Thom Brennaman to do his homework on the Dodgers pitcher Urias. He keeps harping on the short distances of Urias starts. Urias is 20 years old and the Dodgers have been and will continue to be very diligent in limiting his pitch count and inning totals. He's thrown 51 innings before today and will probably not throw 100 for the season.
  14. That would be fine if they didn't have to play the Cubbies again but they have 6 left with them and are 3-10 against them this year. It doesn't bode well for a great September record.
  15. The Reds had the best overall record but because of the strike the league set up another format and the Reds couldn't compete for the world title. 1981: The Year Baseball's Best Record Wasn't Good Enough | Cincinnati Reds
  16. I can deal with Chris Welsh when he is not working with George, (Mr. nickname), Grande. He gives some informative stuff occassionally. I can't stand stand Grande and Thom Brennaman. George likes to make you think he knows all the players past and present and uses their nicknames like they are old buds. George and Thom both try to impress you with how much useless information they can throw your way, and if you're lucky they'll only say it once during the broadcast. George loves to give you a scoring summary over and over and over during the broadcast like you might have forgotten how the game has developed. Thom is Mr. Dramatic, everyyyyything is high drama with him. Kind of reminds me of my youngest granddaughter when she was a few years younger. I remember one radio broadcast with Marty and Thom together when Marty had to laugh at Thom after something he said. Kelsch is just bad imo. I honestly don't mind Jim Day though he is a bit dry but he at least lets you watch the game without having to constantly tell you what's going on. If I wanted somebody to tell me what I'm already watching all the time I could just listen to Marty and not watch the game. I love the cowboy but he has his flaws on the radio. Too often you have no idea what just happened and he leaves you wondering for a few minutes before he tells you anything. Marty is still the best. If you don't believe it all you have to do is listen to the games on Sirius/XM and try to tolerate the other teams announcers when the Reds are on the road. There are some really bad ones.
  17. With the plethera of young pitchers that the Reds have I thought it might be interesting to revisit some of the theories on limiting young pitchers pitches and innings. My thought has always been that pitchers should be handled the way the Braves used to do when they had the great staffs between 1988-2002. Those guys threw lots of innings and had very regimented schedules between starts. I think that today there is too much emphasis put on modern research and they try to treat all young pitchers the same. Bottom line is that the pitching arm still has muscles with ligaments and tendons and need to be worked to keep them strong. I know that a lot of people will say that that Braves staff was the exception but I offer this. Could it have been because of the way Mazzone handled the pitching staff during that era? Part of his philosophy was that pitchers should throw more between starts, 2 sessions instead of 1. Here is a nice article on pitching with limits and pitch counts. Your thoughts?? Do Innings Limits Work In Baseball? MLB Working Toward New Solutions
  18. Herrera's at Louisville. Lamb on the DL on Aug. 4th. I'm sure they are babying him coming off back surgery.
  19. Major League Baseball Prospect News | Cincinnati Reds
  20. Tied with Milwaukee for 4th place in the division @ 52-69 .
  21. Cincinnati with 2nd best record since the All-star break at 19-12. Cubs with the best 24-8.
  22. Cingrani with 16 fastballs to retire the side in order in the 9th. All fans can breathe again!
  23. Not feeling good for back-to-back night saves for Mr. Fastball Cingrani.
  24. Homer looks good to start the game tonight. Hoping the offense does something to help him.
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