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  1. Five-star power forward PJ Washington announced his commitment to the Wildcats on Thursday evening, revealing his choice during ESPNU’s signing day special. Earlier in the day, five-star center Nick Richards became UK’s first commitment for 2017. Washington — a 6-foot-8, 235-pound power forward — recently narrowed his list to UK, North Carolina and UNLV, but the Wildcats had been considered the heavy favorite for the past few weeks. Scout.com ranks him as the No. 14 player in the 2017 class. Read more here: Top basketball recruits PJ Washington, Nick Richards commit to UK | Lexington Herald-Leader
  2. Elizabeth (N.J.) Patrick School big man Nick Richards broke the seal on the 2017 class, committing to the Wildcats during a ceremony at his school Thursday. The 6-foot-11, 235-pounder, who is ranked 14th overall and the No. 2 center prospect in the 2017 class according to the industry-average 247Sports Composite, chose Kentucky over Syracuse and Arizona. Nick Richards commits to Kentucky
  3. Sorry missed that all the way at the bottom.
  4. Everybody on the bench played at least 7 minutes and none played over 19, how is that classless? Should he tell them to not dunk if they have a wide open one?
  5. The Browns really don't lose a thing by making this trade. What picks do the Browns have in the 2
  6. Remember James Hayes early 1990s at Covington Holmes? I understand Jackson is his son. James was more a speed runner than a power guy but could definitely play.
  7. A lot of sports fans are satisfied with mediocrity! Cincinnati is slowly becoming a laughing stock of the league AGAIN, with Burfict's antics and Pacman following his lead. Time to clean house of the riff raff and it starts with Marvin.
  8. With basketball practices starting up does anyone know whether the KHSAA has made a ruling on this yet? It's a shame that they act a whole lot like the NCAA in their approach to things. The athlete is usually the one that ends up getting hurt.
  9. Herm Edwards somewhat defended him on the Bennett hit on ESPN yesterday. He said that Brady pump faked that way and Burfict bit on it and given the league mandate on high hits he had no real choice but to go low. As for the other where he stepped on the guy probably just a stupid dirty play.
  10. Return is unclear after surgery. Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger's return unclear after knee surgery
  11. Until the Bengals clean house of the hot heads other teams will take advantage of their stupidity. They need to cut bait on Jones and Burfict sooner rather than later. The league has it out for this franchise because of these clowns and the time is way over due to get rid of Marvin and bring a coach in that won't tolerate that kind of behavior.
  12. Had to laugh at this. Listening to game on XM. Pats announcer said the Bengals season hangs in the balance before the 4th down play.
  13. I don't even think it takes much of a mind to make the right call there.
  14. Why does he have that option? He should run the play they call.
  15. If you're going for it on 4th why don't you run it on 3rd? Typical bad goal line play calling by the Bengals.
  16. Beetle led the gold team over the blue in scoring last night in Wheeling. Gold Defeats Blue in Wheeling Thursday Night - WVU Athletics
  17. Please tell me that we won't start getting an oversturation of soccer! Nothing like watching a game end up 0-0. Can't stand watching soccer, if the grandkids didn't play it I would never watch it.
  18. Who Conner beat tonight 44-0, another big game I guess.
  19. Boone Co. is 0-6 so I wouldn't call it a big game.
  20. Nice career and the $118,705,300 guaranteed will make it a little less painful to retire.
  21. I was indeed and can still see the winning shot in overtime bounce on the rim and drop through.
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