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  1. AJ looking like Isaac Curtis on that catch, wow!
  2. Typical OCs who try to get cute and go against what has worked so well for them all the way down the field.
  3. Do the Bengals have any linebackers on the field? It sure doesn't look like it.
  4. Bengals 1st team really looks ready for the season.
  5. No Fun League will be a flag football league the way it's headed! Bad call, I guess you can't even tackle a poor defenseless receiver anymore!
  6. Cingrani gets a 28 pitch, all fastballs, save. 1 run, 2 hits and a walk. Geesh!!!!!!!!
  7. Somebody please tell me that Bryan Price will not plan on having Cingrani as his closer next year. How can you run a guy out there against the meat of any order who throws nothing but fastballs?
  8. Any idea how many Male supporters are on BGP regularly? That probably has a lot to do with this.
  9. Lady cougars shutout the lady mustangs behind a hat trick by Casey Hite. Conner improves to 4-0-1 and Bishop Brossart falls to 1-4-0.
  10. I have to think that all the front that Jay was putting on before the deadline was just that. I don't know him personally but he looked like he was having fun in Cincy. I don't think he really wanted to go to NY but realized that he could no longer play for the Reds given the circumstances. He was probably miserable when he went to NY and I am sure he is miserable today given his struggles. I have been a Jay Bruce fan for years but honestly was getting sick of the peaks and valleys with him but I really thought that he was learning how to hit and that maybe some of Joey Votto was rubbing off on him with his approach at the plate. I still think he can be productive but not in that environment.
  11. You answer that question. Joey Votto will be 33 years old in a few weeks and 7 years would carry through until he's 40?
  12. Do you think the player has no say so in whether to go ahead and get the surgery?
  13. Anyone know his father's name? I know some Toebbes and was just wondering.
  14. State leaders team results Bullitt East 2
  15. Heard a rumor that this transfer has been denied. Anyone have insight?
  16. Conner beat Campbell Co. 4-2 behind Emma Von Lehman's hat trick. She has scored 5 goals in the last 2 games.
  17. So even though it was only a 1 year they still control him? Okay there are a lot of things around when your time starts, etc., etc. that are confusing but good for the Reds if that is the case.
  18. Why bullpen? Do you feel he'll never be a guy who could go 7 or 8 innings on a regular basis or do you not feel he has starter stuff?
  19. But how is Straily under a "rookie" deal? He came up in 2012 and has over 300 innings in the bigs now.
  20. I was looking at Cots and was confused. If they signed him to a 1 year contract how can he be under their control for 2017? I see that he is signed for 2016, arb 1 for 2018, arb 2 for 2019 and arb 3 for 2020 but what about 2017?
  21. Ace nevertheless. Maybe just maybe at 27 he has learned how to pitch at this level. In 18 of his last 21 starts he has gone at least 6 innings. He has given up 20 HRs in 151 innings and over the last 37 innings he has walked 4 batters. In GABP it's hard to win if you walk a lot of batters. I know he's been good for the Reds and myabe he falls on his face down the road. For a team that was 25 games below .500 at one point I think he has solidified this staff and could legitimately be called the ace at this point and time.
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