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  1. It all comes down to the explanation after the review. They said the play stands! That means that there was no visual evidence to overturn the call on the field of a fumble because they didn't have a clear angle showing when the ball came out. I think everyone can see that before there was contact you couldn't see the ball and his knee was down. It was only after the contact that you could see the ball and his knee was down prior to contact. Just poor use of the review process. NFL officiating gets worse every year which just substantiates the need for full-time officials. I know the season is 6 months long and basically a weekend job but regardless they still do a bad job of making the right calls and something needs to change.
  2. Left tackle has a choke hold on Michael Johnson and no call.
  3. If you can't run the ball 3 times and score from the 1 you aren't a playoff team!
  4. Hate to hear this, he was way too young. It does really make me feel old though as I keep seeing that goal tend over and over in my mind. RIP Charles "Atlas" Hurt.
  5. Cingrani is one pitcher that I hope we don't have to depend on to do anything but get lefties out next year.
  6. Sampson has made it known to the Reds that he would like to be a starter, so they are giving him the opportunity to show that he can be. Sounds to me like he doesn't want to be in the bullpen long term and if he can't start here he would like to be traded.
  7. Shaw had no idea that ball was there, wow what a catch.
  8. Now all we have to do is stop the Jets return man.
  9. Does anybody want to watch this attempted FG?
  10. Please no more than a 5 step drop on any pass play.
  11. When you have to depend on Pacman to make the right move you have a problem.
  12. No problem, we have the most reliable kicker in the league in Nugent, Mike Brown's and Marvin's pet.
  13. That's funny, they showed Andy and Marvin on the sideline. Andy looked scared to death and Marvin had the usual deer in the headlights look.
  14. It's about time for the Bengals and Marvin to start burning TOs so they have none left for a late game drive that they will most certainly need.
  15. I ask again, where are the linebackers in this game?
  16. Unfortunately we are seeing the same old Bengals from the top down. Can they find a way to pull this win out?
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