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  1. And also frustrate you with their inconsistent outside shooting. When they are on and their press is effective they can play with anyone in the 9th but when they aren't hitting they will keep teams in the game.
  2. It's kind of funny to hear a few comments that UK sucks and this guy is terrible, that guy is terrible stuff. This was a very entertaining game to watch. I was disappointed that Briscoe kept trying to take a baseline when it wasn't there. You can do that against weak teams but not one that is apparently well coached. There is a reason that UCLA is undefeated, they are a very good, balanced team that can shoot the rock. I was disappointed in some of the shot attempts that the freshmen took when they got it close with 5 minutes to go. They looked rushed and Ky didn't have anyone to rebound when they missed but I was impressed to see that they didn't quit. This will still be a team that can go deep in the tournament but Cal has work to do with what he says is the last thing to come around, the help defense. They got beat a lot today on wide open shots due to guys switching and not getting help on the open man. They also got beat on the boards but I don't know if they will be a strong rebounding team with 3 guards on the floor, especially against bigger teams. Just gives Cal something else to work on and I look for improvement by conference time. He has some players that can help on the boards if he chooses to go that route and the defense will get better on the help side. The freshmen can come back down to earth now but will be fine.
  3. The Seattle team that scored 5 pts at Tampa Bay last week?
  4. McLemore is a hustler but she still plays out of control with the ball and could probably be forced into turnovers with good pressure. Conner really doesn't have any "bigs". Duncan is the starting center at 5'10 and the biggest girl that can come off the bench is the freshman Drummond. Drummond is about the same height but probably moves better and definitely jumps better than Duncan. She shows signs of being a nice player down the road but probably lacks the experience to log big minutes if needed. As for Roberts the prognosis doesn't look good for her to help this team much. I heard she was cleared by the doctor but the knee issues just won't let her give them quality minutes and she didn't even dress in their opener against Ludlow. This Conner team will live and die with the pressing defense and 3 pt. shooting, and they will have to shoot it much better than they have to beat the top tier teams. They went 22-12 last year but only beat 3 teams with + .500 record. Gambrel was the glue that held that team together and she will be missed. I personally think they will have trouble bettering that record as they probably have a little tougher schedule, but time will tell.
  5. Wouldn't you roll him out if they keep knocking it back in your face?
  6. Once again Marvin makes the wrong decision. 90% of NFL coaches move them back 10 and take their chances.
  7. Marvin Lewis shows just how bad he is as a coach.
  8. There are so many holes on both sides of the ball on this team that it needs to be blown up.
  9. Starting to see just how really bad the backups are on this team.
  10. Kickers are a dime a dozen and Nugent can't consistently reach the endzone??????
  11. Somebody forgot to tell AP they're a heavy dog
  12. Cal always says the last piece to come around for his teams is defense. It's usually not until the holiday break when they get extra practice time that he can really get them to function the way he wants with the help defense. I don't see that with this team as they are really pretty good on defense now and I believe this team will prove to be one of his best defensively. He will have to get more out of the bigs defensively and Bam will have to learn to play within the new physicality rules. I still think Humphries will give them good minutes and Willis is showing me something that I didn't think he had. He is blocking shots and actually looks much quicker to me, running the court for wide open dunks and I think he is actually becoming a guy that could be drafted first round next year. We know he can shoot but against the Spartans he just really never seemed to get into the flow. I never really paid much attention to who Izzo had guarding him when he was on the floor but maybe that was their plan to take his shot away thus Monk got so many good looks. This team imo can be very good and I'm sure they will have match up problems some nights but the three guards can really guard and Hawkins and Mulder give them nice depth as they can both get after it pretty good. Cal will find the right matchups with Sacha Killeya-Jones and Wenyen Gabriel. The sky is the limit for this team defensively.
  13. He's also still 18. He shows flashes and will get better and give them good minutes off the bench.
  14. Was looking for the smiley faces here? You can't seriously be talking about Briscoe not being able to finish.
  15. RELAX!!!!!!! As Aaron Rodgers said a few years ago. This team will be fine.
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