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Why No Outcry Here?

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I find this one more tasteless and offensive then I did the Obama one - and I strongly disliked that one. Anyone that pokes fun of a prisoner of war...well, it just disgusts me.


:thumb::thumb: I certainly agree TB&G, I just try and consider the source.....the Rolling Stone, "nuff said".

They are like the Hollywierd crew in that they are so far out there they will never be in the real world and the real joke is that some people actually care what thier opinion is. :rolleyes:


Whoever that the publications like this rag and 99.9% of Hollywood are for then I am against. That imo is a pretty good rule to follow.

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Actually, Rolling Stone provided insightful coverage of all the candidates throughout the entire run-up. I'm a subscriber, and not all of it is garbage. Neither this cartoon, nor the Obama one, really bothered me. They're tacky cartoons. Big deal.



David Rees's Get Your War On is priceless!

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