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Feeling '80s ...

Jim Schue

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The hairstyles were forgettable (you wish!), and the clothing choices were regrettable (for sure!). But some pretty good pop songs emerged in the odd '80s, many by bands who would disappear after an album or two.


A few I'm checking out this morning ...


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As for the 80's, I have to go with "The Boss".....Springsteen and of course this guy with one of my all time favorite songs "Leader of the Band" along with "Run for the Rose's". I still can't get through listening to "Leader of the Band" w/o getting emotional...........





Fogelberg was around earlier with other bands but his 1981 album with those songs along with the others on it was great, one of the best all time imo.

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Thanks Jim.


But you also forgot that "Shariff don't like it . . ."


because "Der Komissar's in town . . . "


in order to turn up the heat "365 degrees! Burnin' Down the House!"



Lots of memories of bands for me, particularly since I was in radio throughout the 80's. :thumb:

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