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Strap'em on and buckle up your chinstrap!!


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Sec. 5) Sports Specific Limitations - Football - Boys


1) Organized non-contact practice shall not begin prior to July


15. During this non-contact period, a helmet, shoulder pads


and shoes are the only football equipment that may be worn.


The fi rst date of practice in full pads shall be the earlier of

August 1 or seven (7) week days (not counting Saturdays and

Sundays) prior to the opening day of school (which shall be

defi ned as the day prior to the classes starting for the student

body), but under no circumstances can be prior to the fourth

Friday before the fi rst regular season playing date. After contact

practice (practice in pads) has begun and prior to the fi rst day

of classes for the students, no school may conduct multiple on-

field practice sessions in pads (e.g., two-a-days or three-a-days)


on consecutive days (e.g., two-one two-one format). After the

opening day of the school year, no school may conduct multiple

on-fi eld practice sessions in pads (e.g., two-a-days or three-adays)


on a day in which school is in session. All schools shall

submit all required documentation to verify the proper execution

of the practice regulations, including scrimmage, contact, and

heat/safety regulations and recommendations.





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I know it is sad when I am thinking about driving to Vanceburg with $4 gas prices just to watch a passing game.


I'm burning a vacation day and will drive to Ft. Thomas to watch 4 hours of 7 on 7 action on June 18th!


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