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  1. This has got to be the best example of why my Grandson asked me to please not post, to many people who know alot about nothing running their mouths about something they think they KNOW. If we all used this site for the true benefit of those who are truly the most important (our players, sons , grandsons, students, atheletes) it may be a great thing, but for the 3 years that I have been apart of this site and dont get me wrong I am a little guilty as well, the majority of what I have witnessed has been all about garbage (a bunch of trash talking) or nothing. Get back to praising and raising up the ones that deserve to be, THE PLAYERS. Without which none of you, including myself would have anything at all to talk about.:irked: I would like to wish TC the best of Luck on there hunt for a New Coach and I hope that they find one who will be a true benefit to those who are my concern the players. Also to those of you who have kept the boys in the weight room Thank You for your dedication:thumb: P.S. When you do announce it to the kids, lets us true fans know who it is Thanks:D
  2. Wow so I guess these days if you want to be a High School Coach in Kentucky you should go to Campbelsville:notworthy: Congrats to all of these Fine CU grads.:thumb:
  3. Thank you for the correction, my memory is failing a litlle with age:ohbrother: sorry Coach Poynter :thumb: And footballhd you are still correct about the difference in being an assitant and a Head Coach at any Level and having the right qualities for a specific environment, all are different as well.:thumb:
  4. Congrats to a very fine Athelete, The best of Luck to you in your Football future.:thumb:
  5. That would answer part of my questionThank you, but still there is a very big difference in the 2 levels thats all I was saying. Was he an Assitant or not? and Did he apply or not? and what 2 6A programs did he work for is all I was asking. :thumb:
  6. Why does a Coach that has been Coaching at the 6A level want to come to a 1A school for, may I ask? There is a major difference in these 2 levels. May I ask if you know what 2 programs, did this person Coach at and was he a Head Coach or positions Coach?
  7. I decided to bow out of this very gracefully, until.....now, it is a crying shame the way that things happen, but it is not for any of us to speculate as to why Chism left or who TC will replace him with I had voted heavily for the last hire based on local info and past success and what I thought would be a great fit for TC blew up quickly ,,,, What a shame. I do hope though that TC hires someone soon for the sake of the entire TC football faithful Players, Parents, Alums and all, good luck and hope to hear good news soon. I do hope that they will hire someone who is in touch with todays youth not yesteryears kids, we've all grown up and become parents or Grandparents of these boys.
  8. WOW :notworthy: I would just like to say Congrats to Coach Chism and I cant wait to see you and your team this fall. Best of luck to You and I hope that your Assitant Coach choices jump on board to help maintain a much stronger TC Raider program.:thumb: "Good things come to those who wait" I guess this statement is true. Sorry for all the "hammering" I may have done during the "wait". Good Luck Raiders and Coach C:thumb:
  9. Atherton @ Henry Co. Bowl ~Possible if they throw it at them hard and fast Henry Co. ~Good Luck North Oldham ~ ? I think N.O. lost a few stars. Owen Co. ~They can win this one Carroll Co. ~They can win this Gallatin Co.-District ~ This one Frankfort-District ~Good Luck Eminence-District ~Toss up Bracken Co.-district ~They can win this one Walton-Vernoa ~Toss up WV keeps getting better I see 4 they should pull off 2 that could go either way 1 North ? and the rest are almoat ineviteble but do not forget my favorite quote " On any given day any team can be beaten" Should stand for a great season Good Luck TC and New Coaching Staff.:thumb:
  10. I was having a bad day sorry next time I'll keep that to myself. Again Best of Luck to all hope to see a good TC Raiders Team on the Field this Fall.:thumb:
  11. "What does Trimble County need to do to improve in 2009? What do they need to keep doing to be successful? Remember, please be constructive." "Find a coach and build off the last coaching staffs success." My comment was in response to these comments "to my knowledge" is what I said. And has TC hired a new Coach yet if not then my statement is correct they will have alot of work to do in a very short time this Summer due to the new rule changes on practicing during the summer thats all. I am not trying to be negative but many on here are very critical of others period, like it or not you all do your part in promoting positive and Negative feelings, you are no better than any other on this board. Let me end by saying that I would be honored to be apart of TC football, but circumstances, health issues and others, do not allow me to do much more than just watch from the sidelines and give a few words of perspective on here. But I do have a son that if asked I am sure would be more than happy to oblidge in any way you needed. One last thing let me assure you and anyone else on here that I have the utmost respect for your AD (Athletic Director), but again I may not always understand or even agree with how things are done or handled, but that does not in anyway mean that I am "dissing" anyone directly. Good Luck to all at TC this season I will see you on the Feild.:thumb:
  12. Wow never realized that I was part of the problem and in no way does my comment apply to anyone that is helping the program in any way. I was only stating a fact no coach thats all, other schools are taking advantage of spring practice, but a few, like yours that do not have Coaches in place yet that is all I am saying your kids will suffer like it or not. Like I have said before you take everything I say as a personal attack or something, what is your problem. :isurrender:
  13. Well considering Spring practice has begun and TC has to my knowledge not hired a Coach they are well behind the 8 ball so to speak and will need alot of help to catch up. Word is they havent even started interveiwing, sad isnt it.
  14. Any word here on who will be or who maybe the New Head Coach at TC for 2009?
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