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Bellevue's All-Time Team


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Also who would be the head coach of this all-time team?


Probably Fred Bernier or Bill Baldridge would be the coach.


Other players you should mention.


Andy Schrieber 81' FB for Sutkamps

Brad Hissong RB (led Tigers to 90' state championship appearance as Jr)

Bryan Veatch RB

Doug Miller RB

Steve Crittendon QB/S

Wayne Hall- Offensive Lineman on 90' State Runner up team.

David Kiefer- QB on 90' team. Great athlete and leader.

Nate Berkley- 2001... raw athlete who was also a good leader.

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For coaches I would have Charlie Coleman as head coach (just based on wins), D-Coordinator would be George Floyd, O-Coordinator-Fred Bernier, Offensive and Defensive line-Dick Jones, and the coaches would be Baldridge, Pumphrey, and Swauger

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Can you say Bellevue football and NOT say Sutkamp?? Jon abd his brothers were studs....and you gotta give a nod to Jack "the Legend" Hurtt. Glad to see Coach Denny Bradford mentioned in an earlier thread. Class coach and person!!!

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I would have to mention Shannon Haggard, Eric Johnson, Doug Miller, Bob Alexander, and Ben Wilson

Ben Wilson was an absolute terror!! :eek: I thought for sure his career was over when he went down in a scrimmage, maybe Ryle. The whole crowd heard the agony. However, he was able to recover and go on to college.

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