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  1. We can certainly agree to disagree. I based my comment on several games seen over the past couple of years. It isn't any particular ref/game...just a generalization that I've come to notice.
  2. I don't remember Willie as a FB player. His brother, John, was outstanding! I remember Willie as being the ultimate "gym rat"! And he should see this Jr. class through...and stay as long as he desires. He would have made a nice TE, though! PS...Shields also pressured football players to give up basketball. I know this for a fact, too! But then he saw the light! (LOL)
  3. I saw the field yesterday...WOW...it's going to be great when completed. Kudos to all involved!
  4. Congrats to Slammin' Sammy Messmer of Highlands who received the Loyce Meadows Award for being the top student-athlete in Northern Kentucky girls’ basketball this season. Great gal from a great family!
  5. Is the young Schwalbach still on Newport's team? Or has he graduated?
  6. I seem to remember young Jake Giesler pitching in some City Championship games a few years back. That would be a pretty imposing stretch on the mound if he plays!
  7. Zach Lother used to be a good hardballer. Grubbs needs to hit the weights, start some sprints, and take some JR day visits and do the FB camps. He's got D1 size and talent but needs to get his name out there. With no offers to date, he should start making calls/visits to the schools he wants!
  8. Hey Jack...I was just pointing out that whomever is coach next year is going to have a very difficult situation to handle. I have purposely stayed away from commenting on the roster due to I know it's Willie's hot button. More FB players would go out if they thought they had a decent shot at some PT. Danny Gold and AC probably saw how Jake Turner and Tony G. were treated last year. And knowing that the first 6-7 spots on varsity were "locks" and were going to be the same the following season...well they are smart boys and can read the handwriting. You have to encourage and develop the kids all year long. As for what SR. could have helped, Jake Turner for leadership and Tony G. for toughness/rebounding. I liked this team this year. They played great...just came up a bit short. And they should be in the finals next year since everyone comes back. 10 seniors will create a log jam for developing underclassmen...7 is even a bunch. Funny how Coach Shields adapted and flourished at the "FB school". Didn't he came from a small, Catholic "basketball school", too? :ohbrother:
  9. Were they the same refs? Make-up call...days later? I wasn't there (unfortunately). My son told me it was a whale of a game, though. I said earlier in the year that Holmes gets calls that other teams don't...ala "Jordan Rules". Looks like it continues. Good luck to the Dawgs! Kudos to NCC for an outstanding season. Good Luck to their Seniors! Now one game for the "Trip to Rupp"!!!
  10. POY II Matt Giesler!!! WINNER, WINNER...hit the WINNER!!!
  11. What about that tall Giesler boy...Jake. Has his old man badgered him into playing hardball this year??? (LOL)
  12. Great job Lady Birds!!! Clutch free throw shooting down the stretch!! Congratulations to the Pandas on a fine game and season!
  13. I look for this to be a great game...here's to hoping 'panda-monia' does NOT break loose! GO LADY BIRDS!!
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