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  1. Duece, if you get the opportunity to coach, I would suggest that you find the most struggling team you can to bring your coaching talents to. It's not until you're on the receiving end of blowouts with a team that just doesn't have the Jim's and Joe's that you truly find out how you would treat other teams if you were on the giving end. You find out how classy some coaches are when they find ways to keep the score down. And then, you run into coaches just as you described you would be. I've been fortunate enough in my life to play for a very established program and to be part of a coac
  2. North scored on the first play from scrimmage on a 73 yd TD pass and never looked back. At half North had outgained OC 233-67. For the game it was 316-137. OC's only score came on a kick return in the 4th.
  3. I'm picking North in this one. They are playing their best ball of the year and seem to be running on all cylinders.
  4. After a few delays, the wait didn't disappoint. North Oldham came away with a 76-63 win over South Oldham. It was a tale of 1 quarter and then 3 quarters. South came out on fire from 3. Of their first 20 points, 6 were 3's. It was a clinic. They built up a 25-12 lead at one point in the second quarter, but with a combination of North playing better defense, South missing some open shots, and North hitting the glass, South went into the half up 32-29. I don't have stats, but would like to see the breakdown of shooting percentages after the first quarter. The third quart
  5. Thanks for the schedule. Look forward to seeing the Colonels in person on 4/12.
  6. Thanks for the update bluegrasscard. My son is playing LAX at North Oldham HS. I'm looking forward to talking up lacrosse on bluegrasspreps this spring.
  7. Stan Steidel, from Dayton, was one of the organizers of the very first All A Classic. According to his bio from the KHSAA HOF, it's more than just basketball tourney. There are other events and competitions that coincide with it. (not sure if they still do or not). http://khsaa.org/httpdocs/hallfame/Inducted/Steidel,%20Stan.pdf
  8. Yes. Congrats to the Tigers. I would have liked to have stayed around, but had another event to get to. Congrats to Tates Creek as well on the Div II State Championship. 2 very good lacrosse games to close out the year.
  9. This Friday (5/18) at Trinity HS. Div II @ 6:00pm North Oldham v. Tates Creek Div I @ 8:00pm St. Xavier v. Trinity Should be a couple of very good games with 4 good teams.
  10. The reason why the college game made the change wasn't because of the rare times that the underdog would stall, I really believe it was because of North Carolina's 4-corner offense. The offense they would run when they were winning. They would start playing for the last shot of the half a the 4-minute mark. I can only remember a few games when an "entire game" stall was employed. Most underdogs can't stall if the better team plays an active man-to-man defense. I will go on record and say that 99% of the girls high school teams in the state couldn't execute a stall technique if the better
  11. We were LUCKY here in Oldham County and I know my family in Independence and Fort Thomas feel the same way. God Bless and prayers to the towns and families that were hit.
  12. Actually the best shot was the 4 footer that HHS missed with 2 minutes remaining to tie the game.
  13. I was wrong, they were down by six going into the fourth quarter and had a chance to tie with 2 minutes remaining. No one is debating that the better team won and a HHS lost. The debate here is what was the best strategy for HHS to use to have a chance to win the game. If they try and run with ND it's a blowout so why is it so hard to understand that what HHS did and the strategy they used gave them the best opportunity to win the game. I still contend that ND's coach played right into it.
  14. You are correct. Game must have been going to quick for my buddy.:sssh:
  15. What I understand from the game is that HHS scored their first 2 points of the game within a minute of the start of the second half and played a 2-3 zone back on D and ND had no answer for the zone and after a minute and a half of running their offense ND called timeout and came out and held the ball to force HHS out of the zone. Down 4 to a team you lost by 28 points why would you want to come out of a defense that had ND uncomfortable? If I had said HHS had a shot to take the lead with 3 minutes remaining or a semi contested 4 footer to tie the game with two minutesn remaining I would have
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