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Highest scoring round ever (per game)?


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By my (very unofficial) count:


229 points scored in class A games; 57+ per game


254 points scored in class AA games; 63+ ppg


268 points scored in class AAA games (CovCath/LexCath helped), 67 ppg


211 points scored in AAAA games; 52+ ppg


Right at 60 points per game average for all games. Lots of offense and a whole slew of nail-biters.

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Have we ever had any round this deep in the playoffs where the average combined score for all games was over 60 points?
Not in the regional final round since 1980.


This is the first time since 1980 when the culmlative scores in each class came out to more than 200.


In 1A, it was the highest scoring regional final round since 1998.


In 4A, it was 21 points fewer than last year.


In 2A and 3A, it was the highest scoring RF round since 1980.


In 1999, the average point total for each state semifinal game in all four classes was 60.7 (486 total points).


To answer your question, no in the RF round (back to 1980) and yes this late in the playoffs (1999), not counting the championship game as a round.

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Teams score a lot more than they used to. That's the nature of the 21st

Century beast. Offenses are more complicated and wide open, and coaches actually embrace rather than disdain the forward pass. Quick-strike attacks abound. Artificial field surfaces help at his time of year, too. Not a knock on current defenses. They have to be pretty good to keep the scores where they are.

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