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  1. That's the statement which prompted the last paragraph in my reply above...
  2. "severance tax" - A tax imposed by a state on the extraction of natural resources, such as oil, coal, or gas, that will be used in other states. In the coal region, these funds are vital to make up the difference in funding from lack of manufacturing jobs (as found in the golden triangle area). Mining does not provide a sufficient income-based tax base because mining today is largely automated. So it's nothing more than a mechanism which provides the state with money directly and makes up the difference in funds to provide services. Also, the coal producing region of the state is far less densely populated, but over a larger, more geographically isolated area. This dictates schools of smaller size and increased transportation costs. It is simply more expensive to educate x number of students here than in the more urban areas, ie... it's much less expensive to run ONE school of 1000 students than FOUR schools of 250 pupils. The ironic part of the "why does EKY get more funding than MY county" is...if the coal-producing counties got ALL the Coal Severence funds while the Triangle counties kept all their income-based funds, the discrepencies in per pupil spending would be even MORE tilted toward the coal-producing counties. Lexington/Louisville/Cincy isn't nearly a big enough hub of manufacturing to approach the money provided by coal (and also natural gas in the near future).
  3. No doubt about it, Belfry has a killer ground game. Prestonsburg demonstrated Belfry's loosely-played 2 deep zone won't cut it against a proficient passing game, however. Hopefully, Prestonsburg's young defensive front learned it can NOT play tentatively against a power option game like the Pirates bring. The interior linemen can't simply stand and wait to lock up with a blocker - the tackles MUST attack the blocking to free the LB's to make plays.
  4. Actually, the previous two years the teams met in week 0. You're probably remembering when they were both in the same 2A district a few years ago (and played later - usually twice)...
  5. The defenses of neither team showed tonight. Only one defensive stop apiece in the 1st half...Belfry 21 P-burg 18 (Blackcats without a kicker due to injury). The Blackcats scored on intial drive to start 2nd half to go up 3, but after that couldn't keep up. The injury bug bit P-burg hard this game. The Blackcats lost Anderson and Garner - perhaps their 2 best players not named Jamerson (who's already out due to injury). Garner's injury looked like a shoulder dislocation...Anderson's is some unknown groin, pelvis, or hip injury, though I've heard it may be serious. Both offenses demonstrated (in gory detail) where the other defense needs work. Exposure of weaknesses at this point of the season will help both teams down the road.
  6. This is a good time of year for these two to play - enough games that everyone knows what he's doing, but soon enough that deficiencies each brings out in the other will help them both be better later. Who'll win ?? Heck if I know... :lol:
  7. These are two teams that have come to know the other very well. Watusi is right - it's always a game both teams want to win. As has become the usual, Prestonsburg will try to win with aggressive speed while the Pirates counter with precise power. I'll add more later...
  8. - Every team mentioned for #10 has issues of some kind, Bardstown included. No matter which team was put there, a good argument could be made against. If 15 teams fit in a "Top 10", it would be easy. - NewCath at the top did indeed have serious graduation losses, but the '10 Tourney earned them a benefit of the doubt at the top this season. I'm actually pleasantly surprised at how this ended up. There's been almost NO criticism of any spots other than #1 and #10.
  9. The answer is simple. When in the jet series, one wing is taken out of position by the motion. When that OLB blitzes, he has a free path into to the backfield. In the spread, Crisp doesn't have the footspeed nor quickness that Burchett (last yr's QB) had. He simply doesn't have the ability to beat a tackler 1-on-1. Without keeping 2 backs in to block or not having a quick target, he was a lame duck. The Corbin defensive coordinator's gameplan was excellent.
  10. Corbin's defense dictated the game. Great job by the Hound's defensive coordinator in dissecting P-burg's offensive tendencies and weaknesses. I was afraid what would happen when a good defensive team blitzed the OLB's vs. P-burg's jet set and Corbin illustrated just that in gory detail. The one chance P-burg had to get back into the game after the half was embarrassingly squandered. I hope it was the QB's mistake lining up in the gun with NO RBs on 1st and goal at the Corbin 1 (the snap over the QB's head after NO look-back by the center argues it was) - ended up with the QB not being able to fall on the loose ball. Crisp is NOT even an -average- "running" QB.
  11. Yes, it's easy to tell what a "labor of love" it is for the web designer. He does a GREAT job !! (for those interested: http://www.blackcatfootball.com/ - give the page time to load, it's pretty full)
  12. Yeah, whether P-burg can cover Corbin's wideouts 1-on-1 is a game determiner. And the other is whether Corbin can control P-burg's running game with 6-7 man fronts.
  13. We saw some of that this past Friday. When Collins gets inside yards on the trap and counter, the LBs aren't so quick to take the first step wide.
  14. Prestonsburg needs to force Corbin to respect it's running game, while Corbin must force P-burg to respect its passing game. The Blackcats must move the ball on the ground vs. "cover-2 + man-to-man" schemes. Otoh, the Hounds need to show the ability to throw downfield vs. P-burg's "loading the box + straight man-to-man" type defenses. If one team does a better job, they win. IMO, it's that simple. I'll say Prestonsburg... 35-28 (mostly because I LIKE P-burg's DBs 1-on-1 vs. most any receiving corp, NOT because I'm comfortable with P-burg's running game).
  15. Wow, Mom55... I bet your dad taught my mom in high school. She graduated from P-burg in '58. :bunny:
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