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  1. Anyone know what teams moved up from 2a to 3a During the last alignment? I know Bath Countyanyone else?
  2. Betsy Layne should move up. This year was a first round loss, if they were in 3A they may not have won region but the chances to win playoff game would increase.
  3. Let me defend the bobcats. Betsy Layne got beat tonight by an established program that is tradition rich and has nothing but class. The bobcats have had 5 winning seasons in their programs history. Their a single a program playing in a 2A district. Each year they are getting better and with hard work will continue. Good Luck Admirals, you have made me a life long fan.
  4. Betsy Layne should be favored in this one. They lost 4 seniors from last years team. They won pretty handily last year. I know Bracken lost their best player, but haven't heard about Bracken's offseason.
  5. How is the new coach going? Have they played in any 7 on 7?
  6. It's a division one school. It was from University of Illinois. The kid is just a junior.
  7. Is it normal for a player to get letter from college about tickets to the home games? I have heard of colleges inviting kids but never this early or in writing. Let me know about the process if you can help.
  8. Can anyone give us an update on this tourney?
  9. I know mustang. I think they were close to condemning the field and now we got turf.
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