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Pittsburgh 24 Miami (FL) 14

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I think Miami can now beat Clemson and still get left out of the playoff at 11-1.


Disagree. Only thing this does do is almost guarntee as you said OSU will make it if they take care of business and Bama does too. This is a horrible loss, but as you keep claiming conference champs means something. So if they end their season by beating Clemson and winning the ACC they will be in. A 2 loss team won't jump a 1 loss conference champ. Especially when those when loss teams have horrible losses of their own.

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This changes things a bit


Basically now unless Bama were to lose a game. The winner of the sec, acc, big 10, and Oklahoma would be in it unless they get upset.


As Grantnky said most people who have teams on the fringe should be Bama fans now. The last thing those people should want is for Bama to lose. At this point if Bama loses a game they will still be in it as a 1 loss team. That would just put 2 sec teams in.

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What scenario do we need to keep Ohio State out?


Ohio State loss to Michigan or Wisconsin and they are out regardless of what else happens.


If Alabama, Clemson, Oklahoma and Wisconsin win out they are out.


If Auburn beats Alabama or UGA beats Alabama in the SEC title game it would be tough to see them jumping a one loss Alabama.


If Miami beats Clemson I think Miami and Clemson both would get in ahead of Ohio State.


If UGA played a great SEC Title game against Alabama, that could possibly give them a nudge over Ohio St...but would likely be a toss up.


At this point I think it's is more likely that they get in than they don't.


538 just updated and has OSU as the 5th best chance to make the playoffs just behind Wisconsin with the 4th best chance.

@Wireman if you want to keep them out then your boys at UM need to take care of it for you, other wise I think they walk back into the playoffs even after two beat downs.

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