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How does your school do a Hall of Fame?

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Holmes just started one a few years ago and does a great job with it, the ceremonies are held at the Radison in Covington and the inductees get a nice plaque and have a taped video that they talk about there times at Holmes, we also have a silent auction and a nice dinner. We have a committee of around 7 or 8 people who vote on who gets inducted, we have had some very large crowds for it the last few years. It was long over due at Holmes.

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Cov Cath

Anyone can submit a nomination to the AD. The nominated candidates must be 10 years out of HS, at minimum. There is a committee of long time coaches, boosters, administrators that vote. Inductees are notified around Thanksgiving and banquet in January. Each inductee receives a plaque and a few minutes at the podium.

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From the school website...

The Somerset Hall of Fame was opened in 2006 with the induction of Ray Correll and Somerset's KHSAA State Championship teams. Every year since then, notable athletes, contributors, and coaches have been inducted into the Hall of Fame. Athletes who participated in individual sports: tennis, swimming, golf, and cross-country were inducted into the Hall of Fame based on either a first or second place finish in the KHSAA State Championships. Athletes who participated in team sports: football, basketball, baseball, soccer and track were selected by a committee of each respective sport. The committee evaluated each participant's individual and team accomplishments and reached consensus on the selections.

Now is the time for the community to help in the nomination process. Download the nomination form on this page, complete it, and return it to Somerset High School, a committee member or SHS Athletic Director Bob Tucker. The committee encourages all SHS alumni to help select future candidates for the Hall of Fame.

Somerset High School

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I don't believe Mason County does but they do hang plaques in the lobby for the members of the tenth region HOF.


Similar to what Pendleton does, but the Wildcats do retire jerseys. Off the top of my head:


Talbert Turner, Jr

Rick Elrod

Bobby Wyatt

Keaton Belcher

Joey Verax

Tyler Mains (All for Basketball)

Nate Jones (Baseball)


There are also banners honoring Coach Phillip Wood and ADs Tom Woofter and Bill Owen.

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