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  1. It does look like Bob Sphire is still actively coaching at Camden Co (GA). So, as long as he won a title (or two) in KY, which I believe he did, put him on the board.
  2. Did Sphire (sp?) win one at Lex Cath? Is he still active in whatever state he’s in?
  3. What happened at the other Indiana job that led him to Roncalli? He goes through coaching jobs like crap through a goose!
  4. Someone asked a question, I answered. Sorry to offend. I take zero joy in it. Next time, I’ll be mindful of what time I post. Thanks for the moral reprimand. Shame on me. Oh, one last point... If relaying this info is so hurtful, then why have a thread with this topic? Stop the double standard. Seriously, people have been pining for months about this dude’s job, and I’m the bad guy for answering a question. Have the kids not been looking at BGP until, miraculously, today? Come on. I get it. Makes perfect sense. And for the record, I hope my source was wrong. I hope BW is at H forever!
  5. Just heard from a reliable source that he was let go today. Second hand, but that’s what I heard.
  6. Correct. Cov Cath advances to the semis. Let’s all pray we never deal with this craziness ever again. Hopefully, all afflicted at Mad South, recover quickly and safely. At least they ended their season with an exciting win.
  7. KHSAA scoreboard has this game listed as a COVID cancellation, with Cov Cath advancing.
  8. Cooper, Conner and HHS are all 2-2 in the district and head to head won’t break the tie. What are the secondary seeding procedures?
  9. Sweep - let’s call a spade a spade, you were “tip of the spear” when it came to chiding CCH fans during those tough years for the Colonels. All kinds of humorous hash tags and quips re: aspects of the CCH program that you found amusing. It’s all good. But, I don’t see anyone jesting/joking/poking fun, quite the way you did, many, many times. I admire you being on BGP when many of your brethren have run for the hills, but, I don’t see any real pokin from CCH faithful. I maybe wrong.
  10. Jeez. No one’s throwing stones. If a chain ganger birds a bird, that’s nutty. The kids going after a fan. Well, that’s just a kid reacting. That can happen anywhere. Thanks again for the reminder - CCH had some really, really tough years and a long, painful, frustrating losing streak to the birdies. Personally, as I said last week, I pray to the heavens above that no one in Park Hills ever forgets. Thanks for helping with the reminders.
  11. Conner’s head coach is a zero. Total. Zero.
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