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  1. He’s got a great shot at 3,000+. How many did his pop have in high school and how many did Brandon Hatton score at Dixie?
  2. JOAT is correct. For the last several years, they’ve been announcing parishes. Now, they announce the “column” the boys are in. CCH has adopted a column system, similar to the house system at Moeller and I believe, Trinity. I don’t know all of the particulars, but that’s what they announce now.
  3. When Huppman (sp?) is healthy, he’s in for Sommerkamp. He’s a transfer from Evansville.
  4. Fair question. There has certainly been some water cooler talk. This year mostly. As you can imagine, it’s especially prevelant amongst parents of good basketball players from the traditional feeder schools. Starting 5 - as best I know: Disken - Blessed Sacrament Sommerkamp - St. Pius Green - St. Agnes Stocks - Cincinnati (IHM?) Starks - Cincinnati Starks is a Freshman, but I have no idea how old he is.
  5. I believe that the seeds have been planted for a great CCH/Highlands rivalry. I felt that way the minute Listerman was hired.
  6. Factual? Cov Cath really has the best athletes from both sides of the river? In hoops? Really? Are you serious? They’re what, 2-2 against Cincinnati competition? Factual? When was the “best athlete” basketball combine for KY-OH this year? That comment by Listerman was an exaggeration to make a point. They have athletes from both sides of the river. The best? Come on. You call em what you want.
  7. Listerman’s quotes are part truth, part hyperbole, part whining and a little axe grinding.
  8. Hopefully, you read the thread and understand the context of what I said to be "hilarious". Moving on.
  9. This story makes me so sad. I pray that this young man learns from this experience and somehow, some way, earns a second chance. Hard to understand the “why” on this one.
  10. They put a “Beat Highlands” clock in their locker room and broke out some white pants. Remember? It just took a few years beyond that, along with a new coach and a couple Mayer brothers and voila...
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