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  1. Yes, it sure looked that way. The 2 pt conversion was also very close. …and, the left guard clearly jumped on H’s key 4th down conversion on their last drive. The blocked FG rendered it academic. Is what it is. We have human beings officiating and we have a shortage. Frankly, just glad we have zebras on the field.
  2. FWIW, I believe the JV teams played twice this year and split the series. Congrats on the wins, Beechwood.
  3. Looking at this year's schedule, I appreciate more and more the St. Henry program. Good on them for staying on CCH's schedule. I expect the Dixie game to be a very tough challenge early. Congratulations to Coach B for putting together another outstanding schedule. Quite frankly, the collective competition on the schedule is far better than what CCH would see with a traditional, NKY laden schedule. CCH may not get out of the 9th this year, but it sure as heck won't be because they weren't tested in the regular season. As far as any messages or statements being delivered by the other c
  4. Unbelievable uniforms! Great pic! Looks like Krumps is #23?
  5. Nothing wrong with a little victory lap. All good. Adds fun to the rivalry.
  6. Conner dropped Cov Cath for a second time this season. Madison Central visits Park Hills on Friday.
  7. I could tell by the picture, who WV’s starting pitcher was.
  8. Slade Douthett, MIF @ Bullitt East, is a heckuva player. EKU commit and played for Midland in Cincinnati, these past couple summers. I’m sure he enjoyed the win over a handful of his summer ball buddies.
  9. Yes. Great Coach. I also see Tim Hobbs and Rick Hornsby on the staff. I also recognize Kurt Mohr - USMC Ret. His brother Jared Mohr has been a CCH Baseball assistant for years.
  10. Nate’s father is not Rick Roedig. His stepfather is Tony Roedig. Yes, he is at GE Aviation. Doing very well, as we all knew he would.
  11. I would presume the ability to bring in more fans and provide for a more COVID safe environment are the primary reasons for CCH to opt for Holmes. By all accounts, Holmes did an outstanding job hosting the Districts.
  12. It’ll be an interesting tournament. CCH is young and talented. The other favorites are talented with senior leadership. Dixie certainly has my attention.
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