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  1. Slade Douthett, MIF @ Bullitt East, is a heckuva player. EKU commit and played for Midland in Cincinnati, these past couple summers. I’m sure he enjoyed the win over a handful of his summer ball buddies.
  2. Yes. Great Coach. I also see Tim Hobbs and Rick Hornsby on the staff. I also recognize Kurt Mohr - USMC Ret. His brother Jared Mohr has been a CCH Baseball assistant for years.
  3. Nate’s father is not Rick Roedig. His stepfather is Tony Roedig. Yes, he is at GE Aviation. Doing very well, as we all knew he would.
  4. I would presume the ability to bring in more fans and provide for a more COVID safe environment are the primary reasons for CCH to opt for Holmes. By all accounts, Holmes did an outstanding job hosting the Districts.
  5. It’ll be an interesting tournament. CCH is young and talented. The other favorites are talented with senior leadership. Dixie certainly has my attention.
  6. I’m approximating, but the Colonels played something like 6 teams from the final BGP top 10 and 10 or 11 of the top 20. You’ve got to play 32 minutes against these dudes. I don’t know about SOS rankings, but the Colonels are battle tested.
  7. Only 5 turnovers for the Colonels, according to the broadcast. Really strong. HC was gritty and game.
  8. Great to hear the crazies on the radio. Hoping for a win Thursday, so those kids can have one home game to attend.
  9. Question answered - broken bone in leg from slipping on some ice. Get well soon, Coach Feldhaus!
  10. On video, it looked like Coach Feldhaus was in a wheelchair. I’m hoping that’s just an injury/surgery/rehab type thing. He’s a KY coaching treasure.
  11. Any truth to the rumor that Hergott is coming back for a fifth year?
  12. I believe because the Mid South Conference tourney was in Bowling Green and as such, the BGHS gym was being utilized, in some capacity.
  13. Final from Richmond. These two programs are scheduled to square off again two weeks from now, in the season finale. Cov Cath with another big week coming up - hosting Holmes, Clay County and Elizabethtown.
  14. Sounds like Ashland shouldn’t have fouled so much. I’m kidding. I wonder what the fourth quarter free throw totals were for CCH.
  15. OK, Machiavellian? That’s interesting. Like I said, CCH will be fine. Congrats to St Henry. I don’t recall this as a topic when HC beat CCH a few years ago, or even Ben Weyer’s NCC team. I think the current roster composition is the issue that seems to be the problem for people. To me, the roster would be the chief reason someone may consider another school. I guess the next question is, does one, one point win, really cause a blow to the aura of Cov Cath? Heck, St Henry is one of the favorites to win the 9th Region. I’m not even sure one season would be a blow to the aura. Maybe it does, but history doesn’t seem to support that theory. I don’t remember CCH taking a huge hit win NCC won the 9th in ‘16. They won the state title two years later. In my opinion, it’s a bit of a reach to call this a blow. If you think I’m Machiavellian, you’re entitled to that opinion.
  16. I have a feeling the Empire just might strike back, but, we’ll have to see. First loss against a NKY opponent in two years. In his tenth season of coaching CCH, Scott Ruthsatz now has 19 losses against 9th Region competition. 6 of those losses occurred in year 1. Simply put, he’s owned the 9th, by any measure. As an aside, if a kid chooses to attend St Henry because of Cov Cath’s roster or because of a 1 point regular season win, so be it. Knock yourself out. I have a weird feeling that Cov Cath will be just fine. CCH is not invincible this year. They start one senior. Yes, they are talented, but, St Henry, and the Birdies have strong senior leadership. BW is talented and will make noise, featuring the likely all-time 9th Region scoring champ. I think senior leadership will be a huge factor in the tournament. There’s just something about a senior’s sense of urgency. Separately, I don’t think the Birdies or Beechies shot particularly well against CCH. Some of it is a credit to the D, but there were open looks. If some of those fall in the post season, a 15 point game becomes a 5 point game, real quick. In a close game, senior leadership is huge. It’ll be fun. Congrats to St Henry on the big win.
  17. Or maybe someone legitimately forgot about the fourth team, by accident. No slights intended.
  18. I think it’s a three horse race in the 9th. Senior leadership in March is so important. St. Henry has a whole bunch of it. They’ll be a very tough out, in the postseason. Tough, talented, well coached and senior led.
  19. Look at NCC’s history. They have never ducked anyone, until now. Is Cov Cath on their schedule? If not, why not? Prove me wrong. NCC has played CCH forever.
  20. I sincerely appreciate all you do for NKY hoops. It’s awesome. You earned the right to render opinions. I’ll stop here - I disagree.
  21. Yeah, it’s sad. I know what you’re pokin at. Get better. He’s duckin.
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