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  1. Looks like Cov Cath added a road trip to Bowling Green to the schedule, in the last day or so. I believe it’s set for Feb 27. Looks like BG will be hosting Ballard and CCH on back to back nights. Cov Cath will host Ashland on Feb 26. Feb 26/27 is shaping up to be a big weekend of basketball for both Cov Cath and BG.
  2. Would BW be a DC candidate in Ft. Thomas, or is he wanting to move on? I could understand, if he wants to move on, but, obviously he was one of the best in the state for a long, long time. He and Wolfe were classmates - any insight on their relationship? I could also understand that a new coach would want no part of any potential baggage, but, if Wolfe and BW are tight, would there be a fit? This of course assumes Wolfe is interested. If H is no longer in the cards, does BW want to coach again? Seems like a great get for someone, at least as a DC, if not a second chance as HC.
  3. I grew really tired of Chad’s antics, toward the end. But, geez, AJ has been hard to watch. Easy for me to say from the comfort of my living room or seat at PBS, but he looks like a guy trying to punch the clock, cash a paycheck and hit the open market with the: “it wasn’t me, it was the coaches and players around me that stunk, I can still be AJ Green” stance. Regardless of what he says to the media, he’s either lost it physically, mentally, or both. Never thought I’d say it, but I’m appreciating Chad more and more with each snap of AJ’s remaining career as a Bengal.
  4. Cooper can really move. Does he play any other sports?
  5. I think you’ll find that among the handful of BG posters on the thread, all but one will acknowledge that some of BG’s offensive struggles were a result of CCH’s defense.
  6. I’m not trying to pick any fights with the CCH faithful on this thread - heaven knows I did enough of that with an opposing fan over the weekend - but... I’ll be honest, seems a little “off” making comments about who was better than who (and no, I’m not referring to the comment about Max Lawrie having a chance to be better than his brother), referring to being “awful” in certain spots last year and discussing “upgrades”. It doesn’t take a genius to know what is being said. I’m not saying anyone is wrong, but, I think there’s a better way to handle it. Focus on the year ahead and what the returning kids can do, without treading on kids that are gone. This isn’t a college or pro, program. The kids that played and didn’t measure up, know they didn’t measure up. They’re not stupid. Some less visible players grinded through injuries all year long, but just the same, showed up and did everything they could, without saying a word. Some kids lost jobs and at least one or two multi sport athletes will likely miss their second sport, as a result of injuries. Trust me, they and their families paid enough of a price. But, it’s a price they all willingly paid to be a part of this amazing football program. Not a great feeling to see your son not measure up on the field. As a parent, you feel like there’s a 1,000 pairs of eyes glaring at you when your son makes a costly mistake. It’s hard to see it re-hashed here. Yes, it’s subtle, but it doesn’t take much to read between the lines. Turning the page, I am really excited about the future. There are some great players returning and it sounds like the Sophs to be are very talented. If any of you posting on this thread has a son in the program, I sincerely wish him and you all the best, moving forward. This is a special program. Go Colonels!
  7. Not to drone on, but, he started the ‘87 season as QB. Hladon relieved him in the Highlands game. Instead of feeling sorry for himself, Donnie went to WR and caught a huge drive sustaining pass, during a comeback win, in the same game! That’s the measure of a winner. As mentioned previously, Hladon injured his hand at some point during the season. Bieger resumed the QB role, and the rest is history.
  8. CJ Fredrick - Iowa Adam Kunkel - Xavier Kyky Tandy - Xavier Thelen - Bellarmine Noah Hupmann - NKU Sean McNeill - West Virginia Deionte Miles - Xavier Moreno - EKU
  9. Put some giant chips on these kids’ shoulders. There’s a bullseye on their chest. Own it and thrive on it. I’ll be pulling for them. Really excited about the future in Park Hills. Go Colonels!
  10. Great call. Great program. Would love to see a 2+ hour trip, once/year in the regular season. Putnam Stadium in Ashland is really cool. Would be a neat experience.
  11. Dale’s genius was his unbelievable ability to rally the community/program around beating Cov Cath. Beating the birdies has to remain central to everything Cov Cath does. It is what it is.
  12. I have recovered from my 24 hour mourning period. I am very excited about the future of the program. With that said, there’s a storm brewin in Ft. Thomas. Cov Cath needs to really work hard to stay on top. In fact, this off-season is critical. There needs to be big chips on shoulders. Kids thrive on it. I know I did.
  13. I think Louisville St X would be a great series. CCH would have its hands full, but, I think it makes sense. One “long” regular season road trip each year, is a good thing. Gives the kids some experience, come playoff time. If they can swing Lex Cath and Lou St X, and ensure that they’re on the road for one and home for the other, that would help come playoff time. Frankly, any KY blue blood would be fun. Belfry, Ashland, Mayfield, Male, whatever. Any of that would be cool. Rest assured, the AD is working hard. Best in the business, in my heavily biased, opinion.
  14. Yes. They played Elder, at least twice, back around ‘03-‘04. Lost 10-9 in The Pit, in a heartbreaker.
  15. He was injured. Bieger started and and played the whole way, in the title game. Hladon started in ‘88 and may still have the record for most completions in a single game, on the biggest stage. He was awesome in that game against Paducah Tilghman. Hladon definitely played in the ‘87 season, but was injured somewhere along the way. Hladon led a great late comeback against the Birds in the ‘87 regular season, that really sparked the team. And, to magnify how the game has changed in 30 years, Bieger was 5-5 in the ‘87 title game. Five pass attempts. Side comment - Don Bieger is one of the all time great field leaders to ever step on campus. It had nothing to do with ability. Just a tremendous competitor.
  16. Update - Still looking at filling first two weeks of season. Ryle has moved to end of season. Lex Cath is still on schedule. LaSalle and Campbell Co fell off. Given that SK was a replacement game for Campbell, I assume that they’re not on current 21 schedule. I assume the 8 opponents for now are: Ryle, Beechwood, Lex Cath, Conner, Cooper, Boone, Highlands, Dixie Two weeks open.
  17. St X would be a great opponent. They had Lex Cath and Cincinnati LaSalle home and away the last two years. Unfortunately, Ohio’s shortened season nixed the LaSalle game, this year. Not sure what’s happening with ‘21. I assume Ryle and Beechwood will remain. I think Simon Kenton was a replacement for maybe Campbell Co, but not sure.
  18. Trevor Wilson is VERY impressive. The future is bright. Go Colonels!!!
  19. The reality is I would never be embarrassed by anything this group did on a football field. My guess is 99.9% of Colonel faithful agree. These kids accomplished more in four years than almost every program in the Commonwealth. In fact, they were one unfortunate, late turnover away from having a chance to set the state record for most consecutive victories. They have earned too much respect for a 20-0 loss in the semis to be considered remotely embarrassing. Regarding our three year starter at QB. What a career. He’s the only sophomore QB in CCH history to start in a state title game, and, he’s the only underclassmen to start at QB and win a state title at CCH. I didn’t see the criticism that someone evidently posted. If true, get a life. I bristled at a comment yesterday, that, true or not, felt like piling on. Again, my opinion. In hindsight, I wish I had put the phone down, because nothing productive was accomplished. As I said in the prediction thread, BG is an all time great sports program in KY. They deserved and received all of Cov Cath’s respect. I’m not a fan of one of their posters, but I’m sure that feeling is mutual.
  20. I couldn’t care less. I really couldn’t. Spare me. What are a bunch of “hot” people gonna do? What are the ramifications of said “hot” people’s angst? What’s gonna happen? Feverish, angry posting? Picketing? Petitions to ban Cov Cath from the KHSAA? Fire away. Whatever.
  21. We’re going to go in circles here. I took offense to it. You didn’t. Period. It’s a difference of opinion. It’s not my style after a win, so I didn’t care for it. That’s all. You’re not going to make me feel differently. There’s been a bunch of posts that have lumped members of a community into one category. I’m tired of it. This is another example. I didn’t like a comment. But, I tipped my cap to BG, never took anything way from their great defense. I offered no excuses. BG won, straight up.
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