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  1. This story makes me so sad. I pray that this young man learns from this experience and somehow, some way, earns a second chance. Hard to understand the “why” on this one.
  2. They put a “Beat Highlands” clock in their locker room and broke out some white pants. Remember? It just took a few years beyond that, along with a new coach and a couple Mayer brothers and voila...
  3. Florida High is coached by Heisman trophy winner and 11(ish) year NBA vet, Charlie Ward. Pretty cool that a man of his stature is coaching high school.
  4. It really wasn’t that difficult to answer.
  5. A valid question. The common sense speculative answer is that these young men and their families chose Covington Catholic because it offered the best combination of academics and athletics for their individual situation. If you want to put academics completely aside, then I’d assume it was based on factors such as: playing time potential , level of competition and collegiate exposure. There’s also the possibility that some of these kids are at CCH because of positive word of mouth. CJ Fredrick probably would not have come to CCH, had his Uncle not been on the coaching staff. But, he
  6. The black hat in Barry’s pic appears to be Doc Morris. Doc was also a baseball umpire and as many know, a large baseball tournament is played in his honor, annually.
  7. Stop reading your press clippings and get to work. Not impressed.
  8. Pleasantly surprised, a rare NKY based Mr. Football. Congrats Mick! How many NKY players have won? I know of Jacobs and Mayer. Lorenzen? Guidugli?
  9. Yes, sorry. Was counting from the first title in ‘68. So, from first title in ‘68, they’ve basically averaged a title every other year. If that’s correct, it’s completely ridiculous.
  10. That’s an incredible record. Trinity has a monopoly on Kentucky High School football. The dominance is cartoonish.
  11. Amazing. The HC before was Lampley, correct? How does Beatty compare on titles & wins? If he has 14 titles, I’m guessing he’s well ahead of Lampley.
  12. How long has he been HC at Trinity and how many titles does he have now? Where does he rank on all time coaching wins list vs previous Trinity coaches? Apologies if these questions were addressed earlier in this thread.
  13. I recall a Danville v Mayfield game - AA title in ‘87 @ the Louisville Fairgrounds. I believe a Freshman (David Walker?) blocked an extra point for Danville, to preserve a 14-13 win. Great game.
  14. From an old Little Texas song: “If I’ve learned anything, there’s a first time for everything.” Go Belfry!
  15. CCH hasn’t hosted a state semi final playoff game since 2001. And, as stated, those game were always on Saturdays, much to the chagrin of my great buddy, Dudley Hilton.
  16. CCH needs to adjust and stop stooping to the level of garbage being displayed by Conner. Run it up and run em out. Clean it up.
  17. If it’s not already in the thread - Somerset Briar Jumpers is my all time favorite.
  18. The 1989 game vs Dixie was a Friday Night at Dixie. CCH won 10-7 in OT. I don’t recall who had the ball first in OT, but Steve Schulte kicked the game winning field goal. Justin Kruer intercepted Matt Bloemer’s pass attempt in the end zone for CCH, but I don’t recall if that was for the win, or to give CCH possession and ultimately, Schulte’s field goal. They played on a Saturday in 1988, also a 10-7 win in Park Hills for CCH. Kevin Butler kicked a very late field goal to win in regulation.
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