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  1. Amen! I'd wait 2 years before even considering that job.
  2. Love that there is a Ryle pitching for Ryle. Would be fun if/when Conner Ryle pitches for Ryle against Conner.
  3. I don’t think so. I think they’d beat Winton Woods. Fern Creek and Cooper would have been toss ups, but still would have lost to Leesburg, IMO.
  4. Coach Ruthsatz now 10-1 at the Sweet 16, losing in OT in semifinals to 2015 champ Owensboro. Not bad.
  5. Funny how that happens. Everyone that knows Hoops knows that Scott Co was really really good. They’ll be a serious contender again next year. They are always in the thick of it.
  6. Not buying the “worst game of the year” defense. Scott Co is very, very good. They ran into a buzzsaw today. It happens sometimes.
  7. Maybe time for someone to talk him into one more baseball season. Just kidding - enjoy your Spring AJ and thanks for being such a great kid!
  8. Would Kes Murphy have interest? Has a nice point guard living under same roof.
  9. No, he thinks AK and Sully are better than C.J. and Ruthsatz. All four are really good at what they do. I bristle at the insinuation that Sully is ahead of Ruthsatz. I see them as equals. Folks shortchange Ruthsatz because of the talent he has. I’d argue Sully had had some pretty darned talented teams too. Am I wrong? Two great players, two great coaches. Last I checked, Ruthsatz has reached the 9th Region finals SIX years in a row.
  10. If Frederick’s 3 would have counted at 23-18, same difference. Two tough calls. Big deal - moving on.
  11. The T on Kunkel was a tough call. So was disallowing Frederick’s 3 on the Cooper foul call with CCH up 23-18. Cooper didn’t lose because of the T. They had several open looks down the stretch that simply didn’t get knocked down. It happens sometimes. Great game by both teams.
  12. Brian Carl - Holy Cross - assumed to be P/1B - 2018 - Keiser (FL)
  13. Who is on Cooper’s staff? As good a coach as Sully is, that has to be a great learning experience for whomever he has in staff.
  14. Played in most of the same mentioned. Favorite place to play was Putnam Stadium in Ashland. Cool venue.
  15. I heard second hand that Highlands came back late and won by 6 or so. If I understand correctly, it was about a 12 point turnaround in the final few minutes.
  16. Thank you. Hate that CCH doesn’t host at home anymore, when it’s their turn.
  17. Exorcising last year’s Tieman Classic demons. Great job Colonels!
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