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  1. As is typical (and tired, and lazy), I’ve read a lot of insinuating comments in this thread about CCH and it’s constituency’s lack of appreciation of a hard earned dollar. Like many schools in NKY, CCH is blessed to have many well heeled, supportive families. However, like most schools in NKY, they have financially challenged families as well. Any assumptions otherwise, or blanket statements re: “privilege” or lack of appreciation for a hard earned dollar are, in my view, lazy and misguided. Separately, even if we want to use geographical stereotypes, which are wrong, I chuckle when
  2. His source is really good. I promise. As has been established, it is clear that there is a dichotomy this year in broadcast right disbursal between the east side of the state and the west. This is a unique year. You guys have a first class program and have all of our respect. Please stop with the rhetoric. There are well thought out reasons for these decisions. We are in a unique time. CCH’s broadcast crew has been disallowed from many road games this year, too. Including out of town. If you need more info on that, shoot me a note. There is a ton of respect up here for all
  3. I can tell BG is pretty darned good this year, because the keyboard muscles are strong. A stark contrast to last year. BG is an all time great sports program in KY. They deserve and will get 110% of Cov Cath’s respect. From the administration on down, all hands in Park Hills know they have a great test, come Friday. BG faithful - safe travels and let’s see a great, clean game, between two of Kentucky’s finest.
  4. Dingle is a stud. BG is really good. Pile drivers? Come on. Many of these defenders spent the last two years scrimmaging Mike Mayer. Dingle may win his 1:1 battles, but the dudes in blue aren’t backing down.
  5. Yes. It is my understanding that the profits (ie revenue minus costs) are being split 50/50. Thanks for asking.
  6. It does look like Bob Sphire is still actively coaching at Camden Co (GA). So, as long as he won a title (or two) in KY, which I believe he did, put him on the board.
  7. Did Sphire (sp?) win one at Lex Cath? Is he still active in whatever state he’s in?
  8. What happened at the other Indiana job that led him to Roncalli? He goes through coaching jobs like crap through a goose!
  9. Someone asked a question, I answered. Sorry to offend. I take zero joy in it. Next time, I’ll be mindful of what time I post. Thanks for the moral reprimand. Shame on me. Oh, one last point... If relaying this info is so hurtful, then why have a thread with this topic? Stop the double standard. Seriously, people have been pining for months about this dude’s job, and I’m the bad guy for answering a question. Have the kids not been looking at BGP until, miraculously, today? Come on. I get it. Makes perfect sense. And for the record, I hope my sou
  10. Just heard from a reliable source that he was let go today. Second hand, but that’s what I heard.
  11. Correct. Cov Cath advances to the semis. Let’s all pray we never deal with this craziness ever again. Hopefully, all afflicted at Mad South, recover quickly and safely. At least they ended their season with an exciting win.
  12. KHSAA scoreboard has this game listed as a COVID cancellation, with Cov Cath advancing.
  13. Correct. So, for example, if Owensboro, BG, FD and CCH all win next week, O would host FD (1 RPI v 9 RPI) and CCH would host BG (3 RPI v 5 RPI). Just an example, not predictions. Geography no longer matters in semis. And, RPI for seeding purposes, was frozen after the regular season. Obviously, FD’s RPI is a product of COVID. They are far better than their RPI.
  14. Back to the game... From Cov Cath’s perspective, the Colonels need to play inspired, clean football. Take nothing for granted. Rest assured, the birdies will come ready to play. If you look back at the course of this rivalry, there are several examples of the second act being a lot closer than the first. I expect a hard fought, clean football game. In the end, I hope the Colonels find a way.
  15. If they are locked in and Frederick Douglass keeps winning and everyone else “holds serve”, then that’s a heckuva bad break for Owensboro.
  16. Refresh my memory, are the RPIs “locked” at the end of the regular season, or can they go up with playoff wins and be used for seeding purposes? In other words, in 5A for example, if Frederick Douglass beats Scott Co in the playoffs, would their RPI be re-calculated and used to determine seeding for the following week?
  17. Definitely became a stronger, more confident runner, as the game progressed. Did a nice job stepping in and stepping up!
  18. I apologize to everyone viewing this thread for my choice of words last night. Ironically, in calling out non-adult behavior by an adult, I in fact, exhibited the same behavior. Moving on...
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