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  1. May God help Highlands if anyone in Ft Thomas calls tonight a moral victory.
  2. 900+ wins and 23 state titles. They’ve beat CCH like 50 times. That’s a proud program. No moral victories.
  3. To further close the loop, David Wilson and Lucas’s Dad, Barry Jones, were teammates and classmates at CCH.
  4. I’d be surprised if #1 isn’t getting some snaps on “O”, come Oct 18. Then again, I haven’t seen a snap of HHS this year, just a hunch. He’s just too good a player.
  5. If 36 is max and assuming Mother Nature cooperates, they’d have to play .500 ball to finish with 20 before Districts. They definitely have some tough opponents down the stretch.
  6. What’s the KHSAA mandated max for regular season games? I’d assume that in-season tournaments count against that max as well?
  7. Thanks for posting CWB. Wonder if it makes sense to also post something in the hoops category, given his visibility as a long time announcer for the basketball games, as well THE MAN for so many years, running the freshman tourney.
  8. Rip the rim from the backboard. And if you get a hard foul, so be it.
  9. Honest question... In the District Final, the bald assistant on Beechwood’s staff “shhhhhh’d” the Crazies after a late, go ahead basket. Is that the Beechwood Way, too? My guess is not. My guess is he is a good guy, who volunteers his time to help high school athletics, that got caught up in an emotional situation against a big rival in literally, one of Beechwood basketball’s all time moments. I’m sure the evil & privileged Crazies had it comin.
  10. No blue colored glasses. This post is far more accurate of what occurs. Officials have whistles. They govern. The players test the limits and adjust accordingly. Period.
  11. Discussion of refs favoring CCH, dirty play and specifically calling a single player dirty is nauseating. Out of town refs last night, but now of course, the theory is that their statewide success gets them all the calls. Bologna. So tired of it. If you don’t like em, beat em.
  12. The 9th runs through the 35th...yet again...
  13. 100 percent agree. He almost led Cooper back against CCH with poised, explosive post play. He’s not a great leaper, but a very quick leaper with long arms and a deft touch around the rim. Really good defender, great kid, great leader.
  14. Good point on Spencer. He’s very effective in the post. Really quick.
  15. If my math is correct, this will be the 7th time since 2007 that the 9th Region Championship is decided within the 35th District. This will be Covington Catholic’s 7th consecutive trip to the 9th Region Championship game.
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