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  1. Look at NCC’s history. They have never ducked anyone, until now. Is Cov Cath on their schedule? If not, why not? Prove me wrong. NCC has played CCH forever.
  2. I sincerely appreciate all you do for NKY hoops. It’s awesome. You earned the right to render opinions. I’ll stop here - I disagree.
  3. Yeah, it’s sad. I know what you’re pokin at. Get better. He’s duckin.
  4. Hey Ronny - play Cov Cath. NCC used to be the toughest program in KY. It used to be “any place, any time, any body.” Not anymore. Sad.
  5. 30 point win for the Colonels. GCL basketball is painful to watch
  6. The Colonels move to 4-1 against the current BGP Top 20, along with other quality wins against Lou St X & Trinity. They have four remaining games scheduled against current Top 20, with that count likely to expand in the post season. Great work by the AD, Tony Baciagalupo!
  7. Good win. Kudos to both programs for scheduling the game. Good luck to St X, the rest of the way. Huge test in Park Hills tomorrow night, for the young Colonels. Has Male ever visited CCH?
  8. Ho hum. LaSalle stinks. Just being honest. Big tests Friday and Saturday.
  9. Nice win on paper, against a GCL South school. But, this isn’t a great LaSalle team. On to the next. Big games Friday (@ Lou St X) and Saturday (home vs Male).
  10. Looks like Cov Cath added a road trip to Bowling Green to the schedule, in the last day or so. I believe it’s set for Feb 27. Looks like BG will be hosting Ballard and CCH on back to back nights. Cov Cath will host Ashland on Feb 26. Feb 26/27 is shaping up to be a big weekend of basketball for both Cov Cath and BG.
  11. Would BW be a DC candidate in Ft. Thomas, or is he wanting to move on? I could understand, if he wants to move on, but, obviously he was one of the best in the state for a long, long time. He and Wolfe were classmates - any insight on their relationship? I could also understand that a new coach would want no part of any potential baggage, but, if Wolfe and BW are tight, would there be a fit? This of course assumes Wolfe is interested. If H is no longer in the cards, does BW want to coach again? Seems like a great get for someone, at least as a DC, if not a second chance as HC.
  12. I grew really tired of Chad’s antics, toward the end. But, geez, AJ has been hard to watch. Easy for me to say from the comfort of my living room or seat at PBS, but he looks like a guy trying to punch the clock, cash a paycheck and hit the open market with the: “it wasn’t me, it was the coaches and players around me that stunk, I can still be AJ Green” stance. Regardless of what he says to the media, he’s either lost it physically, mentally, or both. Never thought I’d say it, but I’m appreciating Chad more and more with each snap of AJ’s remaining career as a Bengal.
  13. Cooper can really move. Does he play any other sports?
  14. I think you’ll find that among the handful of BG posters on the thread, all but one will acknowledge that some of BG’s offensive struggles were a result of CCH’s defense.
  15. I’m not trying to pick any fights with the CCH faithful on this thread - heaven knows I did enough of that with an opposing fan over the weekend - but... I’ll be honest, seems a little “off” making comments about who was better than who (and no, I’m not referring to the comment about Max Lawrie having a chance to be better than his brother), referring to being “awful” in certain spots last year and discussing “upgrades”. It doesn’t take a genius to know what is being said. I’m not saying anyone is wrong, but, I think there’s a better way to handle it. Focus on the year ahead and wha
  16. Not to drone on, but, he started the ‘87 season as QB. Hladon relieved him in the Highlands game. Instead of feeling sorry for himself, Donnie went to WR and caught a huge drive sustaining pass, during a comeback win, in the same game! That’s the measure of a winner. As mentioned previously, Hladon injured his hand at some point during the season. Bieger resumed the QB role, and the rest is history.
  17. CJ Fredrick - Iowa Adam Kunkel - Xavier Kyky Tandy - Xavier Thelen - Bellarmine Noah Hupmann - NKU Sean McNeill - West Virginia Deionte Miles - Xavier Moreno - EKU
  18. Put some giant chips on these kids’ shoulders. There’s a bullseye on their chest. Own it and thrive on it. I’ll be pulling for them. Really excited about the future in Park Hills. Go Colonels!
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