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  1. I think Chevy is looking to get into the administration side of teaching. I wish him the best.
  2. The ghost of Alfredrick the Great Hughes is circling.
  3. I never saw Scott Co this year, when MTGL predicted a double digit victory for CCH, felt comfortable if you were a Colonel fan. MTGL comments are usually sensible and valid, he was spot on this outcome.
  4. When these 2 teams met in the 2014 finals, the legend Billy Hicks worked the refs for about 4 calls. The stripes were completely intimidated by Mr. Hicks that day. This should be a fun one, I wish I didn’t have to work.
  5. It was probably Tubby's swan song in Memphis.
  6. John Anthony, you are spot on as usual on your takes. I’ve always liked your contributions to BGP. There are several BGP veterans that I don’t hear much anymore, keep bringing it strong my friend.
  7. There is a movie in the American Pie series called Band Camp. There are 2 characters named after my best friend and me. The writer was a freshman when we were seniors at Lloyd. I’m told their rival band is Beechwood. My family has watched it, I have never seen the movie.
  8. I thought the Cru would have a punchers chance tonight. I did not see a 25 point margin.
  9. I made the trek to Ludlow tonight. Vieth is legit, the Cru passed the ball so well and their offense flowed tonight. Dave Faust coaching was solid as always. My Juggs played sloppy and too many mental mistakes. Their leaper was one for four on dunks tonight. Good E-town rivalry.
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