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Pro Wrestling - The Way It Used To Be

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I absolutely loved the old stuff. Mid-Atlantic ( Briscoes, Mulligan, Flair, Von Rasche , Paul Jones, Wahoo MacDaniel, American Dream, ... on and on ), Southeastern out of Knoxville ( the Fullers, Garvin, Stomper, Ron Wright, Bob Armstrong, ... ) , and MidSouth out of Memphis( the King , Dundee, Jimmy Hart , Jarrett, Tojo Yamamoto, and more) .


McMahon's garbage now is almost unbearable to watch most of the time.

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Haha you pulled out Tojo Yamamoto


My Dad told me that he and some of his buddies at EKU were kind of trolls before the Internet was around. They would sometimes have some fun by going to the wrestling shows and cheering for the bad guys... Tojo Yamamoto was one of their favorite guys to cheer for. Everyone didn't share their humor, but he said that one night it was to the point that when Tojo would cheat, he'd turn the guy toward them before hitting him with the dreaded "foreign object".

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My OG's

Tojo Yamamoto

Joe LeDuc "The Canadian Lumberjack"

Ron Fuller "The Tennessee Stud"...couldn't stand his whiny brother

Dutch Mantel

Mongolian Stomper

Bob Armstrong


Next Wave

Ric Flair

Macho Man Randy Savage

Four Horsemen

Magnum T.A.

Jake The Snake...I loved the DDT

Lex Luger


The last ones




Stone Cold


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