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Second family accuses Disneyland character of racism


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A second African-American family is accusing a character at Disneyland of ignoring their child because of the color of their skin.


10 News reports the White family of San Diego says they complained to the park after a person dressed as Donald Duck refused to take a photo with their son, instead interacting with white children.


Nastasia White says the character made a deliberate move away from her 5-year-old son Razzi, as he ran towards Donald yelling his name, to play with a baby in a stroller.


White says the baby's parents encouraged Donald to take a photo with Razzi, but the character instead went and hugged a white child. She says there is no way she misread the situation.


"I didn't (misread) because it was done in a blatant and ugly way," White told 10 News.

Read more: Second family accuses Disneyland character of racism | Fox News

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In this day in age where EVERYONE has a cell phone or digital camera, why isn't there video of this taking place? I would think "if" this did happen, the parents would be like "No one is going to believe this", which the next logical thought would be to take out the camera. They were at Disney with no camera or cellphone? If so then they are the first family to do so.

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Racism like this is sooooo hard to prove without video or audio evidence.




I always figured if there was a racist Disney character it would be Donald so I am not the least bit surprised. He is always so angry.

Nah, Donald's just misunderstood. Grumpy, now there's a bigot if I ever saw one!
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